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BMW model range

In the collector world, BMW is synonymous with its riotous ‘M Division’ vehicles, the first of which was the M1 launched in 1978. Today, its lineages of M3 and M5 models in particular have legendary status, with every generation appealing to keen enthusiasts.

The BMW E30 was the first to wear the ‘M3’ badge, initially conceived as a homologation special, but which was soon produced in higher volumes. While the standard E30 M3 is a popular choice, the limited-edition cars such as the ‘Europameister’ and ‘Cecotto’ attract a premium, even more so for the 2.5-litre ‘Sport Evolution’. Production scaled up for subsequent generations, with around 70,000 examples of the E36 M3 built, and more than 85,000 of the E46-era car. The latter is one of the most popular ‘everyday’ performance cars, ranging from well-used standard cars to barely-used examples of the hallowed M3 CSL.

Its M5 nameplate has seen even greater variety, starting with the straight-six E28 and E34 models, before swapping to a naturally aspirated V8 in the E39, a high-revving 500bhp V10 in the E60 model, and with the latest cars propelled by twin-turbocharged V8s producing as much as 626bhp.

Alongside these performance car staples, BMW has produced some acclaimed lower-volume vehicles. Among them are the V12-engined 850CSi, of which just 1,510 were built; the 1M Coupe, the Z4 M, the esoteric Z1 and the wonderfully retro Z8 roadster. In 2022, BMW acquired Alpina, bringing in-house a brand that has produced some remarkable creations that blend prodigious pace with generously appointed cabins.

BMW sale highlights

All generations of the M3 account for more than one third of all BMWs sold to date on Collecting Cars, comprising well over 300 examples. Of more than 150 examples of the E46 M3, stand-out auctions include a CSL with just 22,174 km from new (€195,000), a well-maintained M3 CS model in Australia (A$76,500), and a low-mileage M3 Convertible in rare Dakar Yellow (£31,000).

More than 50 E30 M3s have sold on Collecting Cars, and while the price of admission starts at around £50,000, the platform has also found new homes for an exceptional M3 Convertible with just 1,145 km from new (£143,000), a beautifully preserved 1990 M3 with 36,470 km (€130,000), and the ex-Chris Harris Sport Evolution (£143,000).

An M5 CS owned by Chris Harris was also sold for £110,500; one of no fewer than five examples of Evo magazine’s 2019 Car of the Year to have changed hands via the platform. Every generation of M5 is represented in the ‘Sold’ section, including a 1987 M5 with Hartge upgrade (£51,000), a superb E34 M5 Touring in Sweden (€40,250), and an exceptional E39 with just 46,500 miles from new (£38,500).

Eight BMW Z1s have been sold from five different countries, with a 10,243 km Z1 finding a winning bid of €43,500. The Z8 has proved equally popular, with even a very rare Alpina Roadster V8 version selling in Germany (€225,000).

Particularly unusual consignments have included a fully documented M635CSi Prototype (€67,500), a delivery-mileage G12-era Alpina B7 Biturbo (£71,025), and one of just 429 examples of the E9 CSL in left-hand drive with fuel injection (€150,000).

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