7 day auctions

7 day auctions

Sell for free and achieve the best price


  • Auctions run for 7 days

  • Once your reserve is met, the highest bid wins

  • No reserve auctions sell to the highest bidder, regardless of price

Why sell via Auction?

Personal support, every step of the way

A dedicated consignment specialist will typically call within 2 hours to discuss your enquiry. Once we have agreed on a suitable reserve, we’re ready to kick things off.

We’ll introduce you to a professional photographer who will arrange to visit you at your home or work, to capture 50+ high-quality images of your car, which will showcase every detail.

You’ll complete a consignment form which provides full details of the vehicle’s specification, condition, and service history, along with any unique features or provenance. We’ll use this to write a description which tells buyers everything they need to know.

Once we’ve received the photographs, and you have signed off the description, we’re ready to put your listing live. Auctions run for 7 days and you watch the bids roll in. Bids placed in the final 2 minutes will reset the clock to a 2 minute countdown, meaning all buyers get their opportunity to submit the winning bid.

What is a reserve? How do we agree it?

A reserve is the minimum figure which you’ll accept to sell your car or bike. It is kept secret from bidders and if your reserve is not met, your vehicle does not sell.

We’ll work with you to agree a fair reserve price for your vehicle based on our market expertise and sales data for similar models (if possible).

You may want to consider an auction with no reserve. This means that the car sells to the highest bidder at the end of the auction, regardless of price. Whilst ‘No reserve’ offers less certainty, we usually find that cars or motorcycles offered for sale with no reserve get more interest and attention, as buyers know that the highest bid secures the vehicle.

If you choose to opt for a reserve auction, your consignment specialist may recommend that you switch to no reserve in the closing stages to stimulate bidding.

Short on time? Use our Managed Service

The perfect solution for professionally presenting your car when you lack the time to do it yourself. If you're interested, please inform us during your initial enquiry.

Why choose a Managed Service?

  1. Our specialist partner will handle everything

  2. Your car is collected, prepared & photographed

  3. A proven formula to achieve the best result

  4. Short on time? This is the ideal ‘hands-off’ route.

What next?

Let us know if you’re interested during your initial enquiry

Take 100% of the winning bid

What are you waiting for?