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With Collecting Cars present at Bicester Scramble, our Addicts recount their many experiences at what they call "the best event for people like us", from a McLaren 'full house' to a Can-Am Lotus; variety was the word of the day. Our Addicts share their favourite YouTube videos, including U2 at Live Aid, some French hillclimb POV & more! Significant debate is triggered in this episode by the question: "what do we think of driving gloves?". With Edward Lovett providing a quasi-poetic understanding of how they may be used, and Manish Pandey being offered a pair by Bentley never to use them; opinions differ wildly. It's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 62 of the Collecting Addicts podcast.

--- (00:00) Intro (01:12) This week in cars (29:09) Driving gloves (46:37) Formula 1 Chinese GP (1:00:31) Boot measurement with golf bags (1:07:58) Two car garage (1:17:10) YouTube video recommendations ---

Spotify Driving Tunes playlist available here.

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