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What have you done this week in a car? If you've only been a passenger or a pedestrian, you can live vicariously through the many activities of our hosts. From touring the Cairngorms searching for the "GR Yaris" of Scotch Whisky, to car-spotting on foot with kids through Belgravia on the way to eating some Peking Duck, you should be inspired to do more with cars this week! This and more on episode 57 of the Collecting Addicts podcast!

--- (00:00) Intro (00:59) This week in cars (23:32) Favourite TV sleuth (37:29) Itches that need scratching (48:27) Home servicing (1:00:43) Funny motorway signs (1:09:27) 2 car garage (1:20:15) Driving tunes --- Spotify Driving Tunes playlist available here.

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