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JCB may have created a simple one-machine solution for potholes, but fixing them is bureaucratic hell at council level. Our Addicts discuss their universal frustrations on the topic. BMW has posted the latest numbers on their EV sales and they seem to be doing better than anyone else. Some of our Addicts have different approaches to dealing with life's inherent uncertainties, so some of them have more stories than the others about running out of fuel in interesting places! All of this and more, on episode 61 of the Collecting Addicts podcast!

--- (00:00) Intro (01:00) Potholes (18:34) Edward's Fact (28:57) Electric BMWs (41:10) Running out of fuel story (1:00:37) 2 car garage (1:09:19) Driving Tunes ---

Spotify Driving Tunes playlist available here.

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