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1968 PORSCHE 911T - LHD

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This 1968 Porsche 911 T 2.0 is a wonderful numbers-matching example of the short-wheelbase model, representing the earliest - and some might say the purest - form of the 911. Its engine is an original aluminium-case 2.0-litre air-cooled flat-six, upgraded with 'S' specification cams, pistons and barrels, coupled to its original manual transmission. The odometer indicates 18,519 miles, though the total mileage is not proven.

Completed in December 1967, this 911 T was delivered when new within its home market of Germany, supplied by a Porsche dealer in Dortmund. Its original colour was Bahama Yellow, complemented by brown leatherette trim, and fitted with options that included fog lights, halogen headlights, and Fuchs alloy wheels.

In 1979, it was purchased and exported to the US, having been acquired by a gentleman who would soon after commission the repaint to Sky Blue. He would end up being a very long-term owner, finally selling the car on to another owner in 2015 - some 36 years later. It was bought by the current owner in 2016, and imported to the UK, when it was given a full repaint in the same blue colour, as well as some refurbishment of what is believed to be the original interior. In total, the car is understood to have just four owners from new.

The bodywork presents in very good condition, with impressive shut lines and no signs of corrosion or panel damage. There are a few minor stone chips on the front bumper and bonnet, which have been touched in, and the odd small mark on the body elsewhere from typical road use. The chrome all looks to be in superb order, with a good shine around the bumper trims and over-riders, as well as the horn grilles, headlight bezels and window frames. It rides on 15-inch Fuchs alloy wheels, which were professionally restored in early 2020.

In the cabin, the brown leatherette is believed to be the original trim, and certainly presents with a handsome patina throughout. The stitching in the basketweave centre panels is slightly loose in a few places, but there is evidently no significant damage to the front or rear seats. Other small marks and wear are present on the upholstery, carpets, dashboard and door panels, but in general this is a very smarty presented interior. The perforated headlining is also in good order.

Brushed metal trim adorns the dashboard, along with the original radio still installed, while the original thin-rimmed steering wheel is also still in place, with some minor age-related wear. The manual winding windows work well, and there are also handy door pockets for the driver and passenger. No faults are reported with the original VDO gauges, and the main switchgear is all working. The only addition to the original features is a pair of classic style replacement seat belts.

During its time in the US, the 2.0-litre engine was fully rebuilt, maintaining the original aluminium crankcase much favoured by racers due its strength and durability over the later magnesium type, and upgraded with 911 S type camshafts, pistons and barrels. The carburettors were refurbished four years ago, and the engine was also given a full clean and detail. Its last scheduled maintenance was in August 2019 at an indicated 17,926 miles, carried out by highly-regarded Oxfordshire-based 911 specialist MCE Porsche. This consisted of an engine oil change, along with a new air filter and fan belt.

Prior to this, it was also seen and serviced in August 2018 and April 2017, with work across the two visits including oil and filter changes, new rear anti-roll bar bushes and front anti-roll bar drop links, new front track-rod ends, replacement of the lower ball joints and a new battery.

Its last MOT test was carried out on 15 April 2019 at an indicated 17,364 miles, which resulted in a first-time pass with no advisories or alerts. The wheels are shod in 185/70 VR15 Blockley tyres, which were fitted around two years ago, and have only covered around 1,000 miles on the road.

Accompanying this car is a 911 T driver’s manual, German ‘Pflegepass’ maintenance record, a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity - which confirms the car retains its numbers-matching engine and gearbox - and service and maintenance history since arriving in the UK.

This Porsche 911 T 2.0 is a superb 1960s sports car, which blends low weight with a characterful flat-six, to deliver a pure and engaging driving experience. As a short-wheelbase car, this will undoubtedly appeal to any collectors who have been looking for a superb early 911, and its recent engine rebuild and well-sorted mechanicals mean it is ready and eager to be relished on the open road as often as possible.

All UK-registered cars and motorbikes on Collecting Cars are run through an online HPI check. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.


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£33,250Absentee bid from Tatiana

£33,000Bid placed by j_flo

£32,250Bid placed by Carbuyer1222


Super-helpful, thank you.


Hi Sam, no problem. From conversations with the previous owner, I understand that the engine was rebuilt approximately 10,000-15,000 miles ago. The exact year of rebuild is unknown, but it would have been sometime between 1980-1990 when the car was with it's first US owner. The owner couldn't remember the exact cost of the rebuild but did know it was 'mega-bucks', and included S-spec cams, Arius high compression pistons and new barrels. When the car arrived here in the UK I had it borescoped and cam covers removed to confirm the condition and the spec, and noted that Arius pistons and S-cams were indeed installed, and the bore was visually in a good state of health, commensurate with the information received from the owner. I don't know about bottom-end content, but the engine pulls incredibly strongly and smoothly so I have no reason to believe that there are any issues there. The UK respray was performed at early 911 specialists MCE Porsche in Oxfordshire. It was a full, glass-out, panel-off repaint with new seals all-round on re-assembly and numerous other 'tidying-up' jobs such as restoration of sidelights and headlights and the chrome parts and improvement of the interior, cost was in region of £12,000. I hope this answers your questions.


Grateful for info on a couple of things: How many miles ago was the engine rebuilt, and what year? And what did the rebuild consist of? Finally, who was responsible for the UK respray, and at what cost? Thank you.

£32,000Bid placed by William_Everett

£30,000Bid placed by chronomatik

£15,000Bid placed by William_Everett

£12,000Bid placed by Tatiana

£10,000Bid placed by William_Everett

£1,000Bid placed by Angus_Bud

£100Bid placed by Rasnaam_Tiwana

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