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In Episode 1 of Llandow Laps, Chris Harris takes to the track to pitch the Aston Martin DB12 against the BMW M5 CS. The Aston packs a mighty punch of 680PS from its 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8, helping to propel it to a top speed of more than 200mph – but it puts that power down through the rear wheels only. The BMW is heavier and less powerful, but all-wheel drive gives the car phenomenal traction, and a supercar-baiting 0-60mph time.

The DB12 looks like the definitive ‘grand tourer’, with generous coupe proportions and elegant styling. In Chris’ words, the M5 CS “looks like a taxi”, but it punches well above its numbers. Matching it up against a Ferrari or Maserati might sound more appropriate, but in Chris’ view, going head-to-head with the BMW represents “the ultimate test”.

Around a rain-soaked Llandow, the Aston’s weight helps it find grip, impressing Chris with the amount of power it can put down through and out of the corners. Will the BMW’s all-wheel drive help to level up to the DB12 around the circuit and belie its on-paper statistics? Watch Llandow Laps Episode 1 below to find out.

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