The Collecting Cars Podcast

Episode 8 - Featuring Sam Fane (SeenThroughGlass)

Chris and Edward welcome Sam Fane (Seen Through Glass) to the podcast. Talk turns to whether a Ferrari Daytona is good to drive, the merits of the wheels on the BMW M Coupe, and the problems with Jaguar’s Project 8. Chris explains why he loves a luxo-barge, the guests discuss electric hypercars, and then get onto the subject of influencers.

Episode 7 - Featuring Richard Meaden

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett talk with motoring writer and racer Dickie Meaden.
They chat about Dickie’s lesser-spotted 964 RS, as well as some of their favourite car magazines from years gone by. Also, Chris reveals what one particular motoring website had in common with the Audi A2, and asks Dickie the question that he hates answering.

Episode Six - Chris Harris and Edward Lovett

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett broadcast from the cabin of a 1986 BMW E28 M5, discussing whether the Golf GTI is still the answer to most questions, the Max Power ‘Chavalier’, and the purchase of a particularly unusual BMW X5. Talk also turns to performance cars that look like good buys, including the Porsche 996 GT2, new Alpine A110 and the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

Episode Five - Featuring Andrew Frankel

Chris Harris visits renowned motoring journalist Andrew Frankel, where talk turns to controversy in contemporary Formula One, what they hate about modern car design and their favourite stories about the Millbrook Proving Ground.

Episode Four - Featuring Richard Porter

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett sit down with Sniff Petrol founder and former Top Gear script editor, Richard Porter. They chat about who’s to blame when a press car crashes, disagree about the new Toyota Supra, and find out why Richard will probably never sell his Land Rover Defender.

Episode Three - Featuring Richard Tuthill

Porsche guru Richard Tuthill sits down for a chat with Chris Harris and Edward Lovett. Talk turns to the ultimate 911 specification, why so many cars now have ‘Sport’ buttons, the appeal of Time Attack racing, and the pain of scrapping one of Colin McRae’s rally cars.

Episode Two - Featuring David Clark

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett sit down with the man who sold the McLaren F1 when it was new – former director of the road and race car programmes, David Clark. Conversation turns to Gordon Murray’s brass scales, George Harrison’s choice of aubergines, and the story behind Ron Dennis’ awkward crash at Suzuka.

Episode One - featuring Max Girardo

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett speak to Max Girardo of Girardo and Co about matching numbers, the ‘restomod’ market and the jet-set life of an international classic car dealer. Chris shares his love for the 1994 ‘soft dash’ Range Rover plus secrets about Matt LeBlanc, and the trio hail BMW’s E46 M3 CSL as one of the greatest cars of the modern era.

Episode Zero - Teaser

A brief taster of what is to come on The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris and Edward Lovett