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Episode 29 - Featuring John McGuinness

Chris Harris chats with motorcycling legend, John McGuinness. The pair discuss John’s illustrious TT career, tales from his time racing, and their mutual fascination with Tamiya remote controlled cars!

Episode 28 – Featuring Robert Reid

Chris Harris chats with Robert Reid, former British rally co-driver to Richard Burns.

They discuss the car that Burns and Reid drove to victory in the 2000 Rally GB which is currently live on the Collecting Cars auction platform and Robert’s wider career in rallying.

Episode 27 – Chris Harris and Edward Lovett

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett talk about some recent sales on Collecting Cars including a couple of Singer 911s, why Collecting Cars is changing the way people buy and sell, and the general market for collectible cars.

Episode 26 – Featuring Iain Litchfield

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett speak to leading performance specialist Iain Litchfield, who has developed acclaimed packages for a raft of sports cars. They talk about the evolution of Litchfield Motors, from early days of retail sales, through fine-tuning of Subaru road cars, the Nissan GT-R, and fettling the latest models from BMW and Porsche - not to mention engaging with the new generation of motoring media.

Episode 25 - Featuring Rob Dickinson and Richard Tuthill

Chris Harris visits Walters Arena in Wales to talk cars with Rob Dickinson, Founder of Singer Vehicle Design, and Richard Tuthill of Tuthill Porsche.

The trio discuss the new All-terrain Competition Study, a modern take on a Porsche 964, inspired by World Rally Championship.

Episode 24 - Featuring Dario and Marino Franchitti

For our Christmas special we chat to the Franchitti brothers, both popular motorsport competitors who have numerous GT and sports car racing wins under their belts.

They talk about their careers to date, victory and injury, the merits of sim racing, and being involved with the development of supercars like the Singer DLS and Gordon Murray T.50.

Episode 23 - Featuring Jenson Button

This week, Chris Harris sits down with one of the most charismatic racing drivers, Jenson Button.

They chat about Jenson's career in Formula One, the dangers of the Baja 1000, some of the incredible cars in his collection and why he definitely wants to return to Le Mans.

Episode 22 - Featuring Derek Bell and Damon Hill

This week, Chris Harris joins racing legends Derek Bell and Damon Hill for a special video chat episode.

The trio introduce the Veloce fundraising auctions coming soon to Collecting Cars. Talk also turns to the current status and future of Formula One, and the thrills and spills of Derek and Damon's remarkable careers.

Episode 21 – Featuring Gordon Murray

This week, Chris Harris sits down with world-renowned automotive designer, Gordon Murray. The pair discuss his complete career, from his early life in South Africa, designing Formula One cars at Brabham and McLaren through the '70s and '80s, and of course the legendary McLaren F1 and his new T.50 supercar.

Episode 20 - Featuring J.F. Musial

This week, Chris Harris sits down with motoring producer and director, J.F. Musial. Talk turns to J.F.'s first steps in the industry, and working with Chris on the pioneering 'DRIVE' YouTube channel. They discuss how the production of automotive content has changed over the last 10 years, and what the future holds for car enthusiasts.

Episode 19 - Featuring Colin Goodwin

This week, Chris Harris sits down with motoring journalist, Colin Goodwin. They discuss Colin's first steps in journalism at CAR magazine, why the Chevrolet small-block engine is one of the all-time greats, and how he built a plane in his own back garden.

Episode 18 - Featuring Nicky Grist

This week, Chris Harris sits down with legendary co-driver Nicky Grist, for a special double-length episode. The conversation covers Nicky's entire career, from his earliest experiences in the navigator's seat, through to his multiple World Rally Championship wins, and great tales from the racing community.

Episode 17 - Chris Harris and Edward Lovett

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett meet up to discuss the state of the market for new high-performance cars, the potential impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the collector car industry, and why people should go back to buying with their heart rather than their head.

Episode 16 – Featuring Jethro Bovingdon

Chris Harris sits down with motoring journalist and newly appointed Top Gear America presenter, Jethro Bovingdon. The pair discuss how they got into motoring journalism, some of the great tales from the days of Evo magazine, the future of the car industry, and Jethro's Renault Clio Trophy.

Episode 15 - Featuring Martin Brundle

This week, Chris and Edward welcome the renowned broadcaster and racing driver Martin Brundle to the podcast. The conversation covers Martin’s formative years in short oval racing, Formula Ford and British Saloon Cars; competing alongside Senna and Schumacher in F1; his favourite road cars from past and present; and his award-winning career as a commentator.

Episode 14 - Featuring David Edmonston

This week, Chris Harris and Edward Lovett welcome the founder of PistonHeads, David Edmonston, to the podcast.

They chat about the birth of one of the best known automotive brands on the internet, encounters with the police, and legendary threads from the forum.

Episode 13 - Featuring Chris Goodwin

This week, Chris and Edward welcome professional test driver and racer Chris Goodwin to the podcast. Talk turns to how he worked his way up through the ranks of talented drivers, what it’s like to have Ron Dennis explain your career options, and why it’s so hard for newcomers to learn how to set up cars from scratch.

Episode 12 - Featuring Harry Metcalfe

Chris and Edward talk to magazine founder, farmer and all-round car buff Harry Metcalfe. They chat about how Harry became such a great automotive enthusiast, how the Maserati Ghibli Cup is partially responsible for the birth of Evo magazine, and why they’re all concerned about the latest crop of supercars.

Episode 11 - Goodwood Revival Special

This week join Sam Hancock as he ventures around the Goodwood Revival talking to a wide variety of guests from 4-time Le Mans winner Henri Pescarolo to television journalist Tiff Needell.

Episode 10 - Featuring Tiff Needell

This week, as the Collecting Cars team celebrates a milestone of 200,000 downloads, Chris Harris is joined by Sam Hancock, as well as legendary TV presenter and racer, Tiff Needell!

Talk turns to whether some circuits have been spoiled by layout changes, Tiff’s surprising lack of interest in most road cars, the Love Cars YouTube channel, and his eye-opening Goodwood track test of the McLaren F1.

Episode 9 - Featuring Sam Hancock

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett welcome Sam Hancock to the podcast. After a short break for the summer we are back with another episode. The trio talk about Sam’s racing career, the Type 64 fiasco at Pebble Beach, and Goodwood.

Episode 8 - Featuring Sam Fane (SeenThroughGlass)

Chris and Edward welcome Sam Fane (Seen Through Glass) to the podcast. Talk turns to whether a Ferrari Daytona is good to drive, the merits of the wheels on the BMW M Coupe, and the problems with Jaguar’s Project 8. Chris explains why he loves a luxo-barge, the guests discuss electric hypercars, and then get onto the subject of influencers.

Episode 7 - Featuring Richard Meaden

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett talk with motoring writer and racer Dickie Meaden.
They chat about Dickie’s lesser-spotted 964 RS, as well as some of their favourite car magazines from years gone by. Also, Chris reveals what one particular motoring website had in common with the Audi A2, and asks Dickie the question that he hates answering.

Episode Six - Chris Harris and Edward Lovett

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett broadcast from the cabin of a 1986 BMW E28 M5, discussing whether the Golf GTI is still the answer to most questions, the Max Power ‘Chavalier’, and the purchase of a particularly unusual BMW X5. Talk also turns to performance cars that look like good buys, including the Porsche 996 GT2, new Alpine A110 and the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti.

Episode Five - Featuring Andrew Frankel

Chris Harris visits renowned motoring journalist Andrew Frankel, where talk turns to controversy in contemporary Formula One, what they hate about modern car design and their favourite stories about the Millbrook Proving Ground.

Episode Four - Featuring Richard Porter

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett sit down with Sniff Petrol founder and former Top Gear script editor, Richard Porter. They chat about who’s to blame when a press car crashes, disagree about the new Toyota Supra, and find out why Richard will probably never sell his Land Rover Defender.

Episode Three - Featuring Richard Tuthill

Porsche guru Richard Tuthill sits down for a chat with Chris Harris and Edward Lovett. Talk turns to the ultimate 911 specification, why so many cars now have ‘Sport’ buttons, the appeal of Time Attack racing, and the pain of scrapping one of Colin McRae’s rally cars.

Episode Two - Featuring David Clark

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett sit down with the man who sold the McLaren F1 when it was new – former director of the road and race car programmes, David Clark. Conversation turns to Gordon Murray’s brass scales, George Harrison’s choice of aubergines, and the story behind Ron Dennis’ awkward crash at Suzuka.

Episode One - featuring Max Girardo

Chris Harris and Edward Lovett speak to Max Girardo of Girardo and Co about matching numbers, the ‘restomod’ market and the jet-set life of an international classic car dealer. Chris shares his love for the 1994 ‘soft dash’ Range Rover plus secrets about Matt LeBlanc, and the trio hail BMW’s E46 M3 CSL as one of the greatest cars of the modern era.

Episode Zero - Teaser

A brief taster of what is to come on The Collecting Cars Podcast with Chris Harris and Edward Lovett