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2020-10-21 19:50:47

This set of luggage for the Ferrari Enzo is a rare trio of cases made for the V12 supercar, presented in superb condition.

The three items of luggage offered here comprise: two garment bags or suit carriers, and one small carry bag. These items were specifically designed for the Enzo model, and slot into place within the storage compartments.

Each case is made from fine black leather, with carbon-fibre effect panels, and with red leather accents for the flaps and handles. These cases are in great shape, with only some slight wrinkling of the leather on the small carry case flap. The garment carriers are also in good order, and each come with a built-in metal hanger and hook. There are also three dust bags for storage.

This collection of luggage for the Ferrari Enzo is a rare and desirable set of cases, presented in excellent condition. While the luggage would be an interesting item for any Ferrari fan or collector, it is ideal for any Enzo owner seeking the finishing touch for their car.

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