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This is a complete set of four original Ferrari F40 wheels, which remain in astonishing as-new condition, having never been fitted to a car. They are stored in packing boxes, and have only been removed for the purposes of the listing photography.

The alloys are 17-inch Speedline items, with a polished and lacquered finish. All of the original stampings and etchings are present and correct, undamaged and clearly legible. Likewise, all of the split-rim securing nuts are in great shape, free of the unsightly lacquer peeling that blights most F40 wheels. The seller previously acquired them directly from a UK Ferrari dealer.

Named as one of the “greatest alloy wheel designs ever” by evo magazine, the five-spoke split-rim Ferrari F40 wheels are almost as recognisable as the car itself. They are eight inches wide for the front axle and 13 inches at the rear.

While a number of manufacturers have since attempted to copy the design of the F40’s centre-lock alloys, these wheels are the real deal, manufactured for the F40 by Speedline in period. The wheels are Ferrari part numbers 134250 (front) and 134255 (rear).

Presented in the same condition in which they left the Speedline factory, safely stored in packing boxes, these as-new alloys stand out among used sets that are often in need of expensive repair. For an existing Ferrari F40 owner seeking a set of pristine wheels for show or concours purposes, this is an unmissable opportunity.

Please note: these wheels are owned by a private limited company and are VAT-qualifying. However, the amount bid will be inclusive of VAT, with no tax added on top. This means that VAT will be able to be reclaimed from the hammer price by a business or individual registered to do so.

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