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Will it be a yes or a no to bidding on this set of number plates? If you are someone who would enjoy a visible display of exclamation on their motor car, then this trio of registration marks could be the ideal finishing touches to a few of your cars.

The registration ‘OO05 YES’ can be assigned to cars first registered from 1 March 2005 onwards, while ‘OO06 YES’ and ‘OO06 NOO’ can be assigned to cars first registered from 1 March 2006 onwards. All plates are currently held on V778 Retention Certificates. These are undoubtedly fun and attention-grabbing registration marks that can add an extra personal touch to a set of cars.

Bidders should note that for the duration of the auction, the registration plates 'OO05 YES', 'OO06 YES', 'OO06 NOO’ are offered exclusively on the Collecting Cars platform. Unfortunately, it is common for brokers and dealers of these plates to offer registration marks speculatively. Any marketing from a source that is not Collecting Cars should be disregarded.

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