This 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged ‘Tipo F120A’ V8 is an original Ferrari F40 engine, presented in very good order. The lot includes the engine as shown, as well as both exhaust manifolds and both intercoolers. This item qualifies for VAT and duties - please see the note at the bottom of this listing.

Producing 471bhp in stock form, this Ferrari F40 engine was a spare factory V8 that was never assigned to a vehicle chassis. Instead, it was dispatched to Team Taisan in Japan, where it was briefly used for testing in one of their racing F40s, covering less than 1,000 km.

The engine was subsequently removed from the F40 in question, as the car was converted to GTE specifications using a different engine to race in the All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship (now known as Super GT).

Reported to be in good order with no component faults, the engine has been sitting as a clean but unused motor for around 25 years - so would require a major service before being used in a car. The block and cylinder heads present in superb cosmetic condition, as do the bright red rocker covers. The oil filter casing has been damaged slightly, but the other ancillary items are in good condition.

This Ferrari F40 engine is a remarkably rare item, which must be one of the lowest-mileage motors of its kind. Its cosmetic and mechanical condition is very impressive, and as such it would make a great substitute item for an F40 owner looking to preserve an original numbers-matching block from their car. Even for those without an F40 in their collection though, this incredible V8 is a wonderful and highly exclusive piece of Ferrari automobilia in its own right, and could be a superb addition to any collection as a static display piece.

Please note: this engine is currently stored in a bonded warehouse in Denmark, and is covered under T1 customs transit status. Therefore, it is sold as a VAT-qualifying item that may also be liable for other import duties as well.. Bidders should check the requirements for import in their own country.

Car Overview

  • 2.9L V8

Lot Overview

  • Lot #00748
  • trade Sale
  • Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Steffan_Frisk

Additional Info

  • Engine No : 32436
  • Manufacturer: Ferrari

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