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This full-size F1 car cockpit and nose is a bespoke static racing simulator, which is compatible with the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming system. Moulded in fibreglass using a genuine early 2000s Formula One car as a template, the body was painted in the correct hue of Rosso Scuderia and finished with a selection of sponsor stickers for the livery.

Attached to the body is an aerodynamic front wing, which is removable, along with BBS wheels and Bridgestone tyres that were previously used on a real Ferrari F1 car. The wheels and tyres can also be detached, to further improve manoeuvrability of the static simulator.

The hardware in the system comprises the Thrustmaster T300 RS wheel base and pedal set with force feedback, paired with the Ferrari F1 add-on steering wheel. The T300 kit features metal pedals with a long range of travel, and a brake pedal with progressive resistance. There is height and spacing adjustment for each pedal, with six possible positions for each.

Created under official license from Ferrari, the steering wheel is a full-size replica of the one used by drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa during the 2011 Formula One season. It features brushed metal ‘push and pull’ gear shifters, as well as a raft of programmable buttons and switches, including rotary knobs, metal toggles and eight-way directional D-pads.

The steering wheel incorporates the Thrustmaster ‘Quick Release’ system, which means it can be easily removed to improve access to the cockpit. The pedal set is also fully adjustable inside the car body, and the vendor states that it would be suitable for anyone from a five-year-old child to an adult with a height of around 6ft 5in.

Inside, the cockpit base is fully carpeted, and the small bucket seat has been freshly trimmed. The gaming experience is enhanced by the presence of a 5.1 surround sound system with subwoofer. Ahead of the ‘driver’ sits a curved 32-inch Samsung 1080p HD TV monitor, affixed to the body with a heavy duty bracket.

This static F1 racing simulator is a ‘plug and play’ system that is easy to set up and is ready to enjoy. The system will come with a PlayStation 4 console, which means that the user can choose from a wide variety of racing games, from the dedicated Codemasters F1 series to the likes of the wide-reaching Project CARS title. It is a brand-new bespoke system that has only been tested a few times since being built. With Christmas around the corner, it surely represents the ultimate gift for any serious F1 racing fan and console gamer.

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