• A usable example of the Sabre light tank, itself based on the design of the Scorpion model, which holds the world record for the fastest tank at 51mph.
  • It is understood to be powered by a petrol engine.
  • This is a VAT-qualifying vehicle, so the buyer will be provided with a VAT invoice upon purchase.


  • The Sabre was a ‘hybrid’ vehicle in the Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) - or CVR(T) - class, which combined the hull of the FV107 Scimitar with the turret of the FV721 Fox.
  • It is equipped with a decommissioned 30mm L21A1 RARDEN cannon.
  • Its engine is mounted at the front, with a tracked setup consisting of five wheels on each side of the hull with front-mounted drive sprockets and idlers at the rear.
  • The original Scorpion CVR(T), which spawned the Scimitar and later the Sabre, still holds the Guinness world record for the fastest production tank, with a maximum speed of 51mph.


  • There is no significant body damage, though considering its use as a light tank, the body panels have likely seen the odd bump or scuff.
  • Its paint condition is fair, in line with what you would expect from a used military vehicle, with flaked finishes across the exterior from UV exposure and general wear.
  • The interior has been left original and is in fair order, with the seat upholstery aged and worn in places. All of the switchgear appears to be intact, and there is plenty for the next owner to get to grips with.
  • There are no known faults, though of course some specialist servicing will be required in the future to keep it in good running order.


This Alvis Sabre CVR(T) is a good example of one of the staple light tank reconnaissance vehicles of the armed forces, which saw service between 1995 and 2004. It remains in highly original condition, ready to use and enjoy on off-road courses, or perhaps to put through a road registration process. This could also be a great candidate for some sympathetic refurbishment or more extensive restoration in the hands of a die-hard tank enthusiast.

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Car Overview

  • 6,088 miles (indicated)
  • manual
  • Green Camoflauge
  • Grey
  • TBC

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  • Lot #03672
  • private Sale
  • North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


  • Digger

Exterior  (150)

Interior  (83)

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