• A very rare 3.5-litre V10 Alfa Romeo ‘V1035’ engine, capable of producing around 620bhp
  • Thought to be one of only 15 units originally built for the 1990 Formula One Season, intended to power the Ligier JS33, though last minute disagreements between Ligier and Alfa Romeo prevented the engine from making it to the grid.
  • Alfa used the V1035 engine in its 164 Pro-Car, which was planned to race in a new Formula One support series. Unfortunately the Pro-Car series was cancelled, due to a lack of entrants by other manufactures. However, the car made an impressive demonstration at the 1988 Monza Grand Prix, at the hands of Riccardo Patrese. On the straights it was significantly faster than the F1 cars that day.
  • Later, Alfa Romeo expressed interest in Group C racing and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, intending to use the ‘V1035’-powered SE 048SP, but the budget was diverted to the marque’s DTM project.


  • It has been kept in storage with Alfa Romeo until very recently. Technicians have performed a recent inspection, concluding that this V1035 has had very little use, as it retains the original cross-hatching in the cylinders. It has also passed a leak-down test, and appears to be in excellent order.


This Alfa Romeo 3.5-litre V10 is understood to be one of only 15 units built for the 1990 Formula One season – though it never made it to the grid. It has undergone a recent inspection, and would now make a desirable ‘show and display’ piece for a Formula One fanatic or passionate Alfa enthusiast, or could even power an interesting race car project.

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