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A993 RSR

A993 RSR

This is surely the perfect plate for any Porsche 993 Carrera RS, or as a bespoke touch for a ‘Rennsport’ style homage based on that era of 911.

The registration ‘A993 RSR’ is a prefix-style number plate.

Bidders should note that for the duration of the auction, the registration plate 'A993 RSR’ is offered exclusively on the Collecting Cars platform. Unfortunately, it is common for brokers and dealers of these plates to offer registration marks speculatively. Any marketing from a source that is not Collecting Cars should be disregarded.

Please note: the winning bid on a number plate is subject to Collecting Cars' standard buyer's premium of 6%, with a minimum premium of £300 and a maximum premium of £6,000. This is clearly stated in the pop-up bid confirmation window, but please ensure you have factored this in before placing your bid.

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