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A limited-edition hot hatch icon, this Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy is number 358 of just 500 produced for the UK. Powered by a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated inline-four engine coupled with a five-speed manual gearbox, the car produced 180bhp in standard form and was fitted with sophisticated Sachs dampers and Recaro seats. This example has had a substantial amount of money invested in it over the last five years, and the condition belies the mileage.

First registered on 30 September 2005, the car has been driven sparingly by the seller, who is only selling it as he has not had the opportunity to use it as much as he had hoped. In recent years, the car has received a number of mechanical upgrades and some cosmetic refurbishment, a full list of which can be found later in this listing, and the car will be sold with personalised registration ‘TY05 PHY’.

The Clio 182 Trophy is one of the most celebrated of all Renaultsport models, even winning the ‘Best Hot Hatch of the 21st Century’ vote run by PistonHeads in 2019, which concluded it had “poise and flow that even the (very good) standard car couldn't match”.

Its Capsicum Red paintwork is in very good condition, with the seller reporting some small chips and imperfections on the front bumper and one small bubble on the leading edge of the bonnet – shown in the photo gallery and the walkaround video below. The front end, comprising the bumper, bonnet, wings, roof strips and door handles, was resprayed in 2016 and the front door ‘bullets’ have been smoothed and painted with anthracite script. All four Speedline Turini alloy wheels were refurbished in March 2016 and fitted with OE centre caps, and present superbly.

Moving inside, Recaro Speed bucket seats with red script have been fitted – which sit slightly lower with an improved driving position than the original Recaro Trendline items – and in the rear a Clio ‘Dynamique’ specification rear bench with headrests has been installed. The original front seats are in excellent condition and are included with the sale. The steering wheel has been re-trimmed in black leather with red stitching and centre line, and a replacement gear stick insert has been fitted. The seller reports that the flocked passenger side A-pillar post is cracked, but that the original plastic trims are undamaged and included with the car.

In June 2020, the car received a new alternator and auxiliary belt, while in January 2020 a new Bosch battery was fitted. The car has been well maintained over the last five years, with four engine oil and filter changes in this period using the OE specification Elf RN-Tech 5W40 oil and filter.

In October 2017, at 117,890 miles, the car was serviced by S J Cook & Sons Renault, and in July 2017 the cam belt was renewed. Prior to this, the car received a full service including new cam belt, de-phaser pulley and water pump – also at S J Cook & Sons Renault – in August 2015 at 115,137 miles, and was serviced prior to this by specialist Automobile Francais in March 2015 at 109,366 miles.

The most recent MOT test was on 28 October 2019 at 120,481 miles, when it achieved a first-time pass with no advisories whatsoever. The tyres are Yokohama AD08R items fitted in 2016, and remain in good condition. Accompanying the car is the stamped service booklet, as well as invoices kept in chronological order in a red Trophy history file with chassis number plaque.

In recent years the car has been upgraded mechanically – a full list of which can be found below – and the seller notes that the modifications are complementary to the car, enhancing the performance in a balanced way rather than just trying to wring out maximum power.

Highlights include thorough engine work taking output to 193bhp, refurbishment and powder coating of the OE Sachs remote-reservoir front suspension, and more drivetrain upgrades. The seller notes that the air-conditioning condenser and dryer have been removed to allow space behind the bumper for a cold air feed, but are included with the car.

Reflecting on the Clio 182 Trophy for an Autocar feature in 2016, journalist Andrew Frankel said it was “shockingly capable and shockingly good fun”, adding, “For a humble hatch, its agility is mesmeric, its feel other-worldly”.

Having been very well cared-for throughout its life, and upgraded in recent years to further enhance the performance and roadholding, this Renaultsport Clio 182 Trophy is a fine example of a collectable hot hatch, which is sure to delight its next enthusiast owner.

Summary of service history:

  • 16/08/06 - 12,203 miles - Service, Reevethorpe Renault, Kingston
  • 03/10/07 - 21,455 miles - Service, Gravells Renault, Haverfordwest
  • 26/06/08 - 36,733 miles - Service, Gravells Renault, Haverfordwest
  • 05/03/09 - 50,013 miles - Service, Gravells Renault, Haverfordwest
  • 20/03/12 - 59,314 miles - Service (incl. full cambelt/dephaser pulley change), Gravells Renault, Haverfordwest
  • 15/08/13 - 75,030 miles - Service, D&L Autobodies Renault specialist, Cumbria
  • 15/03/14 - 87,137 miles - Service, Marshall Renault, Milton Keynes
  • 22/09/14 - 100,096 miles - Service, Car Care Centre, Brackley
  • 02/03/15 - 109,366 miles - Service, Automobile Francais Renault specialist, Cardiff
  • 08/08/15 - 115,137 miles - Service (cam belt, de-phaser pulley, water pump), SJ Cook & Sons Renault, Bristol
  • 09/10/17 - 117,890 miles - Service, SJ Cook & Sons Renault, Bristol

Upgrades and notable maintenance summary:

• Full cam belt, de-phaser pulley, water pump, thermostat and coolant service with OE parts in late 2015 (less than 5,000 miles ago)

• New OE Magnetti Marelli IWP42 injectors, OE coil pack, OE spark plugs and Magnecor red HT leads in 2016

• Ported and flowed OE Renault cylinder head (matched to inlet) by MS Custom Engineering installed in July 2017 (new cam belt also fitted)

• Catcams 438s (with OE timing marks) installed in July 2017

• Upper and lower inlet manifolds ported, flowed and matched. Throttle body also flowed and all painted in anthracite by MS Custom Engineering in June 2017

• ARP con-rod bolts installed in July 2017

• ECU re-calibration by RS Tuning in July 2017 following engine/cam upgrades - 193bhp with rolling road print-out

• Engine block inspected during cylinder head upgrade in July 2017 - original cylinder bore honing marks remain visible and compression test confirmed excellent engine health (Cylinders 1-4: 185/190/190/180)

• New OE Valeo clutch and release bearing kit and Pure Motorsport lightweight flywheel (with new OE retaining bolts) fitted in October 2018

• New gearbox fifth gear end cover and seal changed in October 2018

• Gearbox oil changed using MTL fully synthetic GL-4 oil in October 2018

• New gear linkage pivot bush and circlip, ‘Yanoo’ metal bush and brass bushes fitted October 2018

• Forge 6-piece coolant hose kit fitted in July 2017

• OE airbox with drilled lower half, cold-air feed from lower front bumper, and Pipercross panel filter

• Acoustic valve delete and inlet manifold vacuum hose blank

• Full bespoke stainless steel exhaust system (including 200cpi sports cat) supplied and fitted by ProSpeed Cardiff in April 2016

• 3.5” slash cut, non-rolled exhaust tips fitted by Infinity Exhausts in Jan 2018

• New OE rear exhaust heat shield and fixings fitted October 2018

• OE fitment Sachs remote-reservoir front suspension dampers fully refurbished and powder coated to OE specification, including replacement shafts on both units by B G Motorsport in June 2016

• Front suspension rebuilt in August/September 2015 with new OE Renault lower wishbones, lower ball joints, inner/outer tie rods, suspension top mounts and all associated nuts/bolts/bushes

• Refurbished rear suspension beam installed in August 2016 along with new

OE fitment Sachs suspension dampers, Powerflex main axle bushes, OE Renault suspension top mounts and all associated nuts/bolts/bushes

• Whiteline rear anti-roll bar (two-stage adjustable) installed in August 2016 with refurbished rear suspension beam

• Powerflex front anti-roll bar bushes and steering rack bushes

• Upper engine mount Powerflex ‘black’ insert fitted in August 2016

• Upper and lower gearbox mounts replaced with Febi items in August 2016

• Rear gearbox ‘dogbone’ mount Powerflex ‘purple’ inserts fitted in August 2016

• 10mm wheel spacers and 68mm stud/nut conversion

• Rear brake calipers replaced with re-conditioned OE Renault units in August 2016 along with new OE discs and pads

• Front brakes with Brembo high carbon discs and Ferodo DS2500 pads and Goodridge braided flexi-hoses

• All four OE Speedline Turini alloy wheels (ET45 Trophy specification) refurbished by The Wheel Specialist in March 2016 and fitted with new OE centre caps)

• ‘Snappy’ re-trimmed steering wheel in black leather with red centre line and stitching

• Dynamique-spec rear bench back with head-rests

• Replacement gear stick insert

• Brand new aftermarket Recaro Speed front seats in black cloth with red “Recaro” script and stitching (original Recaro Trendline seats included in excellent condition)

• Front-end respray (bumper, bonnet, wings, roof strips and door handles) by Tiki Customs in December 2016

• Smoothed door bullets, repainted with “2.0 16v” script in anthracite

• Personalized number plate TY05 PHY

All cars and motorbikes on Collecting Cars are run through an online HPI check. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.

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