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This Land Rover 90 Wolf is a rugged and highly capable ex-military off-roader, presented in very smart condition and fitted with a number of functional accessories. It is powered by the 2.5-litre 300Tdi diesel engine, mated to a five-speed manual transmission that drives all four wheels via a transfer box with high and low ratios, and a centre locking differential – all of which gives the Wolf true ‘go-anywhere’ capability. The odometer indicates just 41,994km (26,093 miles) from new.

Based on the Land Rover Defender 90 but extensively modified for military use, with additional chassis reinforcement and reliability enhancements, the Wolf first entered service in 1998, with the ‘90’ seeing continuous use until 2013.

This example was built in 1999 and was previously owned by the Ministry of Defence, with the current owner believing that it was most likely used by the Royal Marine Corps – particularly as its specification includes the fitment of a periscope snorkel, which greatly increases its wading depth. Having been registered for the road in 2019 to its first private civilian owner, they have since covered around 1,800 miles since then.

The rugged, iconic bodywork is in great condition, and while there are some general marks and scratches, including a dent to the passenger-side rear quarter panel, this is par for the course with ex-military vehicles, and certainly does not detract from the car’s character or overall smart appearance.

The green paintwork presents well across the body, although a section of the front passenger-side wing appears to have been touched-in by hand and there is some general wear to the paint on the passenger-side door sill. The black-painted wheel arches have also been brushed over. The vehicle rides on 16-inch steel wheels, which are painted to match the body colour. All four present well, with no signs buckling, and only minor paint chips around the rims.

The khaki heavy duty plastic hood is in great shape and is free of any splits or tears. Still showing signs of its military past, this Wolf still features the original accessory mounting points on its bonnet, and the full-size spare wheel is still fitted to its left-hand flank. The light lenses are in good order, free of any chips or damage, thanks in part to the fitment of front headlamp guards.

In the cabin, the Wolf is sparse and utilitarian, in keeping with its intended purpose. Overall it is in very good order, with only a few age-related marks. The front seats and folding rear benches are finished in hardwearing black vinyl, which presents well and certainly in line with the low indicated mileage. The function-first approach of the entire interior means there are also rubber mats and surfaces that enable it to be cleaned out with a hose if necessary. The only real notable wear is some slight perishing of the flip-down tailgate protector. All of the interior buttons and switches are reported to work without fault. The car also comes with a rifle rack fitting.

Described by the seller as driving very smoothly, this Wolf is in sound mechanical condition. While its service history is unknown, military vehicles are generally well cared-for, with routine and preventative maintenance and repairs being carried out where necessary – often more rigorously than many privately owned cars.

Its first MOT test was conducted on 18 December 2019 at 40,932km (25,434 miles), when it received a clean, first-time pass without a single advisory notice. The wheels are fitted with 750/R16 Goodyear G90 off-road tyres, which are famed for their toughness and herculean levels of grip when taken off the beaten path. All four are in good condition and with plenty of remaining tread.

This Land Rover Defender 90 Wolf is a dependable ex-military vehicle, which can handle almost anything it will encounter either on or off the road. Presented in good condition inside and out, it is a characterful and no-nonsense machine, and will be most at home tackling rough terrain – though it would also make a great addition to a wider collection of military automobiles.

All cars and motorbikes on Collecting Cars are run through an online HPI check. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.

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