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This Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205 is an iconic ‘90s Japanese performance car, which has been lightly modified for enhanced performance and is presented in very smart condition from its owner of 16 years. Under the bonnet is the turbocharged four-cylinder 16-valve 3S-GTE engine, which is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and drives all four wheels. This example is now producing a dyno-proven 254bhp at the wheels. The odometer displays 123,556 miles from new, and the car is being offered at No Reserve.

This Japanese-market Celica GT-Four was imported into the UK and registered with the DVLA in November 2004, before being sold to the seller soon after with 63,511km (BIMTA certified) showing on the odometer, which was converted to display 39,464 miles at this point.

During their 16 years of ownership, the current keeper initially enjoyed the car as a daily driver for five years, before it started to be used less frequently from 2009 onwards. He set about lightly modifying it and reserving it for fair-weather days and car shows. Due to lack of use, the car was then placed in storage throughout 2019, but underwent an MOT test in February 2020 and is now offered for sale to another enthusiast.

Today, the curvaceous bodywork presents very well, with smooth, straight panels and even factory shut lines. The seller notes that during their ownership the car has only received two minor car park dents, both of which have been repaired to a high standard. This Celica GT-Four’s exterior has been lightly modified with the fitment of an aftermarket C1 front lip and side skirts, which suit it well but could be removed should the next owner wish to return the car to its factory standard appearance.

Having been previously resprayed, the black paintwork is in good overall condition, though there are some general marks and stone chips, commensurate with the car’s road use, as well as scrapes on the underside of the front lip spoiler. This Celica rides on a set of white five-spoke OZ alloy wheels, which provide a smart contrast with the car’s body and are in very good order, with no significant marks or signs of damage.

In the cabin, this performance coupe is in remarkable, original condition, with very little wear to the patterned fabric seats and interior plastics. While the black leather covering the steering wheel has discoloured slightly from use, this hardly detracts from the otherwise impressive interior. The factory-fitted stereo is still fitted, and is connected to a 12-disc CD changer, which is located in the boot.

Mounted just behind the steering wheel, a Blitz turbo timer provides an extra touch of reassurance after spirited drives, while a Blitz Dual SBC boost controller is fitted between the front passenger seat’s inner bolster and the transmission tunnel. All of the interior buttons, switches and electrical items are said to work without fault, and there are no warning lights displayed on the dashboard.

Described as being in good mechanical order, this GT-Four was most recently tended to in November 2018 at 122,782 miles by Toyota specialist Fensport Performance, which reconditioned and rebuilt all four brake callipers and replaced the brake discs, pads and brake fluid before carrying out a full service.

The inner and outer CV boots were also renewed, as were both rocker cover gaskets, and a full set of polyurethane suspension bushes were fitted to tighten up the car’s handling. Prior to this, motorsport specialist Tracktive Solutions, Melton Mowbray, replaced the cambelt in December 2016 at 121,192 miles and performed a general oil service in May 2016 at 120,588 miles.

As well as the Blitz turbo timer and boost controller mentioned above, this Japanese performance hero has also been modified with an Aussie downpipe, Blitz exhaust system, Hydra Nemesis ECU and Turbosmart dump valve, resulting in a dyno-proven 254bhp at the wheels.

This Celica’s last MOT test was conducted on 17 February 2020 at 123,4122 miles, where it secured a clean, first-time pass without a single advisory. Over the last 14 years, covering some 53,000 miles of use, the car has never failed an MOT, and in fact only had a few advisories in 2011 – which is a superb indicator of a well-maintained car.

All four wheels are fitted with Yokohama Advan Sport tyres in size 225/45 ZR17, which the seller states are in good condition and with 3-4mm of tread remaining, however they may benefit from replacement in due course as they are around nine years old.

Accompanying the car are its original owner’s manual, documentation of its service history from 13 April 2004 until 3 May 2016 and invoices and receipts for any work which has been carried out. In addition, the seller is supplying this GT-Four’s original ECU, exhaust downpipe, a spare OZ alloy wheel with tyre and a removable baffle for the tailpipe, for occasions where a slightly more subtle exhaust note is required.

Perhaps best remembered for tackling Europe’s rally stages while clad in a white, green and red Castrol livery, the Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205 is something of a ‘90s icon.

Offered for sale by its owner of 16 years, this tastefully modified JDM example features smart bodywork and an impressively well-preserved interior, as well as offering a proven performance boost, making it an attractive proposition for any rally fan or collector of Japanese modern classics.

Summary of maintenance history since arriving in the UK:

  • 15/02/2005 (45380) service, oil & filter
  • 06/06/2005 (50814) service, oil & filter
  • 11/10/2005 (56776) M.O.T service oil & filter
  • 12/10/2006 (70228) M.O.T
  • 13/10/2006 (70347) service oil & filter, new figure 8's fitted
  • 30/10/2006 (71251) plugs & belts charged
  • 02/02/2007 (75023) service, oil filter & brake fluid changed
  • 01/05/2007 (78775) error codes checked front flexi changed
  • 04/07/2007 (81094) service plugs oil & filter
  • 15/11/2007 (84028) rear hub carrier lower bushes changed
  • 22/01/2008 (86585) service, oil filter coolant & charge cooler
  • 20/06/2008 (91563) service oil & filter
  • 25/06/2008 (91676) new ST205 OEM radiator fitted
  • 13/11/2008 (96763) service oil & filter
  • 21/11/2008 (97022) new fuel filter & CV boot
  • 13/03/2009 (101246) service HT leads, plugs, distributor cap, rotor arm, power steering belt, alternator belt, oil & filter
  • 19/08/2009 (103691) thermostat changed
  • 28/10/2010 (106691) front & rear axle pads brake fluid changed callipers checked under car cleaned dried & under sealed
  • 22/02/2011 (109823) rear brake pads changed
  • 06/09/2011 (111500) new battery
  • 07/09/2012 (113652) service oil & filter
  • 04/06/2013 (115259) service oil & filter
  • 09/07/2014 (118279) new charge cooler pre-radiator service oil & filter
  • 22/12/2014 (118905) front flexi exhaust section & gasket changed
  • 14/12/2015 (120093) M.O.T & health check
  • 03/05/2016 (120588) service oil & filter
  • 16/12/2016 (121192) Toyota cam belt kit fitted
  • 11/12/2017 (122465) M.O.T & health check

01/11/2018 (122782) all four brake callipers reconditioned striped and rebuilt, all new disc & pads front and rear with new brake fluid. CV boots inner and outer renewed also both rocker cover gaskets, new spark plugs fuel filter fuel pump and panel filter, poly bush kit all round and four wheel alignment.

The description of this auction lot is, to the best of the seller's knowledge, accurate and not misleading. Collecting Cars requests a range of detail about the lot from the seller, and performs a level of due diligence. However, bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description, and conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to a bid. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

All UK-registered cars and motorbikes on Collecting Cars are run through an online HPI check. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.


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£7,400Bid placed by Jackbrian

£7,300Absentee bid from rns2

£7,200Bid placed by Jackbrian

£6,200Absentee bid from rns2


Photos of the underside have now been uploaded to the end of the media gallery.

£6,100Bid placed by GRD

£5,960Absentee bid from rns2

£5,860Bid placed by GRD

£5,750Absentee bid from rns2

£5,650Absentee bid from GRD


Hello rogermk1

I’ve sent over photos of the underside of the Gt4 to collecting cars hopefully uploaded soon. As in the details above in my 16 years with the Gt4 have only had two miner car park dents which I have paperwork for both.

£5,100Absentee bid from rns2

£5,000Bid placed by Georgesilk

£4,600Absentee bid from rns2

£4,500Bid placed by Georgesilk

£4,100Absentee bid from rns2

£4,000Bid placed by Georgesilk

£3,800Absentee bid from rns2

£3,700Bid placed by GRD


Have you any photos of the underside of the car, to ascertain any rust issues please? Also when and why did the car have a re-spray?

£3,500Bid placed by Jonathan_callaghan

£3,000Bid placed by Andybrevo

£2,600Bid placed by Yank

£2,500Bid placed by Ben_P

£1,350Absentee bid from SD46

£1,250Bid placed by Harrywhite18

£1,000Bid placed by GRD

£700Bid placed by Brandon_hill

£600Bid placed by A_Collector

£400Absentee bid from Al_the_power

£300Bid placed by hedgehogdodger

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