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2020-08-08 19:02:57

This Mercedes-Benz E500 is a visually subtle yet mechanically potent modern classic ‘super saloon’, presented in excellent condition and with a detailed service history. Under the bonnet is the car’s party piece: its 5.0-litre V8 engine, which sends 322bhp to the rear wheels via a four-speed automatic transmission, launching it from 0-60mph in just six seconds, and on to a claimed 160mph. The odometer indicates 232,907 km from new.

Produced between 1991 and 1994, the 500E – renamed as the E500 for the 1994 model year – was produced as a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, who were tasked with re-engineering the E-class to allow the 5.0-litre M119 engine to be fitted, as well as carrying out the suspension changes that this necessitated.

Each was hand built, with final assembly being carried out by Porsche as the car’s extended wheel arches were rumoured to have made it too wide to fit on to Mercedes’ production line. A facelifted example from the 1994 model year, this E500 was first registered in Germany on 16 November 1993 and was imported into the UK on 19 May 1997. Its current owner acquired it some two years ago and is now offering it for sale.

Subtly enhanced compared to more common W124 E-Class variants, the E500’s bodywork features wider, more aggressive wheel arches to accommodate its larger wheels. All of the body panels are in great shape, and the seller has not discovered any previous accident damage. The car has also been given a more low-slung appearance, thanks to the fitment of H&R lowering springs on the front and rear.

The Brilliant Silver paintwork is smooth and even across the entire body and presents very well. While there is some slight bubbling on the near-side rear quarter pillar and there are a few touched-in stone chips, but these are minor issues and are commensurate with the car’s age and mileage.

All of the trim and rubber seals are in good condition, and the light lenses are clear and free of chips, with the taillights having been recently replaced due to a small crack in one of the lenses. A new rear windscreen was also fitted in June 2012, replacing the original item which was suffering from delamination. This E500 rides on its original 16-inch alloy wheels, which are in great shape, having been refurbished in July 2020.

Looking to the interior, most of the cabin is clad in luxurious black leather, while wood-veneer panels provide a stylish accent. The front Recaro seats are in very good condition, with only minor signs of age-related wear. The rear seats present well, although the seller notes that there are some small cracks in the lacquer on the wooden ashtray which runs between them.

Elsewhere, the trim is in good order, save for a small repair to the wooden veneer surrounding the heater controls and some cracking of the front armrest piping. This E500 is particularly well equipped, with most of the interior items being electrically controlled, including the windows, door mirrors, sunroof, aerial and seats. It also benefits from the inclusion of cruise control, ABS, traction control and air-conditioning.

Bringing the cabin up to date, the seller has had a remote central locking system installed, and the somewhat dated speaker system has been updated. Jehnert Audio speakers have been mounted in new front door pockets and a set of crossovers and new mid-level and tweeter speakers have been installed in the dashboard – all powered by a Rockford Fosgate amplifier in the boot. The seller will also supply the original speakers and door pockets. All of the interior buttons, switches and electrical items work as they should, and no warning lights are illuminated.

Well cared-for and fastidiously maintained, this E500 is in impressive mechanical condition. Its last scheduled maintenance was carried out in July 2020 at 232,898km. A full service, this included replacement of the engine oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, spark plugs, power steering filter, fuel filter, front brake discs and pads, flexible rear brake hoses and a brake fluid change.

Prior to this, recent oil services were carried out in July 2019 at 232,515km and in April 2015 at 231,924km, with the delay between the two being down to the owner putting the car into longer-term storage.

Other notable work has included the replacement of the transmission and transmission cooler pipes in 2002 at around 130,000km by Mercedes Beaconsfield, and a full overhaul of the ignition system and wiring loom was carried out by Mercedes Brentford at 170,000km.

Since acquiring the car two years ago, the seller has worked to bring it up to a very good standard. This has included the installation of a new battery tray, the fitment of a new headliner, and replacement of a number of other items, including the transmission overload switch, gear selector bushes, electric mirror switch and the electric aerial. The result is a car which wants for very little.

This E500’s last MOT test was carried out on 29 April 2019 at 232,315km, which it passed first time without a single advisory. It is not due for a retest until 28 October 2020 given the six-month extension, but the seller will have the car tested prior to handover to its new owner. All five of its wheels, including the full-size spare, are fitted with brand-new Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyres in size 225/55 R16.

Accompanying this super saloon are its handbooks and service book, past MOT certificates dating from 2001, and a folder of receipts with service and maintenance bills. The car will also be supplied with three keys, two remote central locking fobs, the spare wheel, jack and tool kit, plus a spare bulb kit.

This Mercedes-Benz E500 is a barnstorming modern classic Q-car. Powered by a refined and tractable 322bhp 5.0-litre V8 engine, it is a precursor to all of today’s luxurious ‘super saloons’, and an impressive performance model in its own right. Presented in very smart condition with detailed maintenance history, it will make a fantastic addition to any collection, and is a great way to dispatch long-distance journeys in both comfort and style.

Summary of service history:

  • 16/11/93 – Pre-delivery – Mercedes Kundendienst Germany
  • 23/02/94 – 2,638 km – Mercedes Kundendienst Germany
  • 04/04/95 – 21,728 km – Mercedes Kundendienst Gemany
  • 28/08/95 – 31,145 km – Mercedes Kundendienst Germany
  • 03/01/97 – 46,225 km – Mercedes Kundendienst Germany
  • 30/09/97 – 58,135 km – Mercedes Great West Road Brentford
  • 22/09/98 – 79,693 km – Mercedes Hughes of Beaconsfield
  • 15/03/00 – 93,099 km – Mercedes Hughes of Beaconsfield
  • 06/11/00 – 107,178 km – Mercedes Hughes of Beaconsfield
  • 15/10/01 – 120,058 km – Mercedes Hughes of Beaconsfield
  • 24/12/02 – 135,064 km – Mercedes Hughes of Beaconsfield
  • 24/01/04 – 152,445 km – Mercedes Hughes of Beaconsfield
  • 20/09/04 – 166,732 km – Mercedes Hughes of Beaconsfield
  • 19/04/05 – 182,689 km – Star Motor Services
  • 10/05/06 – 195,545 km – Oliver Engineering London
  • 14/09/07 – 209,100 km – Oliver Engineering London
  • 17/06/08 – 214,555 km – Oliver Engineering London
  • 12/06/09 – 218,185 km – Oliver Engineering London
  • 05/07/12 – 227,528 km – SS Motors
  • 15/04/15 – 231,924 km – WDM Cars
  • (Car stored for nearly four years)
  • 31/07/19 – 232,515 km – Royston Autocare
  • 03/07/20 – 232,898 km – Royston Autocare

Please note: nine years ago, this car was left with a dealer on a ‘sale or return’ basis by the then owner. At some point, there was a concern that the dealer was in financial difficulties and had sold the car, but it was subsequently retrieved by the owner, who sold it via another specialist.

All cars and motorbikes on Collecting Cars are run through an online HPI check. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.

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