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This Westfield SEi widebody is a low mileage, two-owner example of an exciting lightweight sports car. Under the bonnet sits a 1.6-litre Ford CVH inline-four, delivering power to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. The odometer reads 19,295 miles from new.

This factory-built SEi was first registered on 1 August 1992, and has just one previous keeper on the log book, who acquired it directly from Westfield. The vendor acquired the car nine years ago, and has kept it dry-stored and trickle-charged whenever not in use.

A variety of factory-fitted optional extras remain on the car, including an electrical cut-out immobiliser, a larger petrol tank from the V8 model, chrome roll bar, chromed front suspension bars, and a stainless steel exhaust.

The Westfield SEi wears a Satin Grey wrap, fitted by WC Wraps of Sherborne in September 2017. The original ivory paint underneath the wrap is still believed to be in good order, though obviously has not been inspected since the wrap was applied. There are some stone chips on the rear wheel arches, as well as the front grille and rear bumper. The wrap has begun to show minor peeling in several locations.

Visual modifications over the factory specification include the fitment of cycle wings in place of the original flared items – these are also part of the sale – and 5 ¾ inch black headlights in place of the original 7-inch chrome items. The chrome roll bar was sprayed with a black Plastidip coating, which can be readily removed, and the same finish was applied to the wheels. Included in the sale are the original roof and tonneau, giving the car valuable waterproof protection for greater usability.

Inside, the Westfield’s simple cabin remains in good order, with smart red upholstery throughout. The seats are in great shape, while the steering wheel shows some wear and minor discolouration, and the transmission tunnel carpet is slightly sun-bleached with age. The driver’s footwell carpet is worn in places, and part of the foam trims are missing on the inside of the side screens. The screens also show some minor scratches and worn edges. Four-point Willans harnesses were fitted in July 2019.

In April 2019, the coolant system was pressure tested to cure a fluid leak. Prior to this, it received an engine oil and filter change by the vendor at approximately 16,000 miles, and had its accelerator cable replaced and rerouted around the same time. A full service was carried out in July 2017 at 14,651 miles, when NE Motors Ltd in Shepton Mallet replaced the engine oil and filter, cleaned the air filter, replaced the spark plugs, and tuned the carburettors. The engine was also given a deep clean, and nearly 5,000 miles later it still looks neat and tidy under the bonnet. Other work during the vendor’s ownership has included replacement of the stainless steel exhaust silencer in 2013, and renewal of the handbrake cable and fixings in 2011.

The most recent MOT test was on 3 December 2020 at 19,278 miles. This was a first-time pass with zero advisories. When the vendor acquired the car in 2011, it had been sitting stationary for some time, and initially failed on MOT (seized handbrake cable – see above). This was rectified within a few days, and since then it has passed every annual inspection for the last nine years at the first attempt and with flying colours.

Wearing matching Kleber Dunaxer tyres in 14-inch fitment all round, these are date-coded to 2013, with around 6mm of tread on the front axle and 4mm on the rear axle. The spare tyre is an unused Avon.

Accompanying the car are all of the original construction and operation manuals, the original correspondence with the factory, a parts list, and a raft of old MOT certificates. The original flared wings, chrome headlights, seat belts and other items are also included.

Offering a compelling blend of stripped-back lightweight performance with a slightly more contemporary aesthetic, this Westfield SEi Widebody would make for an entertaining summer sports car. It is a well-maintained example with just two owners from new; and whether using it on the road or for the occasional track day, it is sure to put a huge smile on its next owner’s face with its pure analogue excitement.

The description of this auction lot is, to the best of the seller's knowledge, accurate and not misleading. Collecting Cars requests a range of detail about the lot from the seller, and performs a level of due diligence. However, bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description, and conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to a bid. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

All UK-registered cars and motorbikes on Collecting Cars are run through an online HPI check. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.

Please note: the cherished plate shown on the vehicle is not included in the sale. It will be switched back to an age-related registration plate in the event of a successful auction.


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Yes thank you. I did see the picture.


FYI - Picture of the roof on the is car up.

£6,000Absentee bid from Colin_H

£6,000Bid placed by MVW


If you send the picture to the boys at CC they can add it to your advert.


Thank you. That’s great.



I do privately yes. Appreciate there is no actual photo of the car with the roof on. There is however, a photo of the roof laid out on the floor further on past the pictures of the paperwork.

I can assure you the roof fits, has no tears/rips, and is in good condition. The reason there isn’t a picture of the car with it on is that it takes a little time to put the roof on and the photographer was running short of time on the day.




I was just being informative. It’s absolutely not a problem with regards to the legality but I was saying it more for your sake as the insurance company A won’t payout for the wrap and B might/will consider it as a non modification. Insurance companies would do anything to avoid paying out.


Hi. Do you have a picture of the car with the roof please?



As you’ve stated, it’s a grey area which is pretty much what I’ve said in my previous comment. What you choose to do with your cars is of no relevance to this auctions. I had it wrapped several years ago and have had no issues from insurance companies or the DVLA.


Actually the colour change is a Grey area (pardon the pun). The insurance company won’t accept the wrap as a permanent colour, unless you insist it’s a permanent colour change. I do this to most of my cars and declare it as a permanent colour change when the car has been wrapped fully. I also inform the DVLA and change the colour on the logbook. It is correct that wrapping is not considered a permanent colour change but then neither is a respray. I would understand it more if the car had some parts still in cream but it’s fully wrapped. It’s SORN now but DVLA would need to be notified when it goes back on the road as Grey.

£5,800Absentee bid from Colin_H

£5,700Bid placed by Ybotc

£5,600Absentee bid from Colin_H

£5,500Bid placed by Ybotc

£5,400Absentee bid from Colin_H

£5,300Absentee bid from Ybotc

£5,100Absentee bid from Ybotc


Hi Toby,

When you wrap a car the DVLA doesn’t count this as a ‘permanent’ change and you therefore don’t have to tell them. So the car is actually still considered it’s original cream. You only have to let your insurance company know and as the car is currently on SORN the bid winner’s insurance decision isn’t my responsibility.

Regarding pick up that’s also not really anything to do with me. If you want to pay for a company to pick it up that’s fine by me and your cost and responsibility.

My understanding is that the money will come out of whoever wins the bid’s account straight into mine shortly after the end of the auction you wont need to send it to me directly. But I’m sure someone from CC would be able to answer that for you.

Hope that clears thing’s up.



Sorry cream not white


Also note on the dvla website the car is listed as white , but as has been wrapped is now grey so should be changed , can this been done before sale ?



If I bid and win are you happy for me to get a transport company to pickup (don’t want to travel during lockdown).

Asume I verify your details and then transfer money to you prior to pickup (not sure how payments work on this site)


£5,000Absentee bid from Colin_H

£4,900Bid placed by PhilHad

£4,600Absentee bid from Colin_H

£4,500Bid placed by PhilHad

£3,956Absentee bid from Colin_H

£3,856Bid placed by PhilHad

£3,756Absentee bid from Colin_H

£3,656Bid placed by PhilHad

£3,556Absentee bid from Colin_H

£3,456Bid placed by Monkeymagic



The car is based near Castle Cary.




Interested in the car, not sure about picking up in lockdown etc, I’m in Exeter, where in Somerset are you based


£2,500Bid placed by Colin_H

£2,100Absentee bid from Zippy

£2,000Absentee bid from 981tc

£100Bid placed by 981tc

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