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This early 1990s colour sample case was produced for Ferrari by the master craftspeople at Schedoni, to illustrate the vast range of possible pairings of paint, leather, and carpet hues for their range of supercars. While online configurators are now the first port of call for anyone deciding on their new Ferrari’s specification, this box would have been used by dealers three decades ago to demonstrate options to their clients.

Since 1977, Modenese luxury brand Schedoni has been responsible for supplying bespoke leather goods to Ferrari and its customers, and the elegant case for these samples is no exception. The box contains 17 metal paint swatches, 12 leather blocks, and five cut sections of carpet.

Five transparencies are supplied for the Ferrari Testarossa, 348 tb, 348 Spider, 456 GT and F355 models. When placed over the paint samples, they demonstrate that colour applied to the bodywork. Each of the spray-out paint samples is punched along one edge, so they can be arranged in a staggered fashion for easy reference and selection. There is an oblong cut-out in the metal swatches, which allows the leather blocks to be dropped in to show the colour scheme in context.

The leather blocks are secured with press-stud fastenings, and have the specific colour code written on the back. There are a few small nicks in the leather on one or two, and some superficial scratches on the paint swatches, but in general the samples remain in superb condition. The lining material is also in very good order.

The case itself has a smart wood frame, which is tightly bound in high-grade leather, and is embossed with the Schedoni brand mark. There are some scuffs, tarnishing, and light stains to one side of the box in particular, one of the corners is worn down through the hide, and the leather around the handle has also perished slightly. However, it remains perfectly functional, with good hinges and latches.

While no official confirmation exists on just how many of these cases were produced, it is certainly a very rare and intriguing item. As a reference guide to original paint, leather, and carpet colours from the period, this is a wonderful piece of Ferrari automobilia that can also serve a practical purpose. Of course, even as a curio, this Schedoni sample set would be a lovely addition to any collection.

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