In early 1986, Marcello Gandini readied a full design mock-up of a new Italian supercar, and presented the design study to Cizeta founder, Claudio Zampolli. While Zampolli was enthusiastic about the shape, he wanted more extravagant styling, and a second mock-up was turned into the production version. This design study is the first mock-up, which has a purer shape and cleaner lines. Had Gandini not left Lamborghini, then this may have been the proposal for the Countach successor.


  • It features in the book ‘Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design’, by journalist and automotive design consultant Gautam Sen.
  • The definitive revised proposal that followed this mock-up remains in the possession of a private collection.
  • The eventual production car that resulted from this design work featured a 6.0-litre V16 engine, coupled with a five-speed manual transmission, and had a claimed top speed of 204mph.


  • It features a set of multi-spoke wheels, with the vendor noting that the original set - pictured in Maestro of Design - are now attached to the definitive mock-up, which remains in a private collection.
  • Copies of Gautam Sen’s ‘Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design’ Volumes One, Two and Three will be included in the sale.


  • This body of this design study comes with a few signs of age, including a crack in the front fender and a few small scratches to the red paintwork and front plexiglass windscreen.
  • Some paint chips and discolouration can be seen to the mock-up seats, dashboard and steering wheel, but nothing untoward.


A first-stage design mock-up of the legendary V16 supercar, of which it is believed only nine production examples were later built; this is a fascinating piece of Italian automobile history. Designed by Gandini as an early study for Zampolli, this mock-up is featured in the book ‘Marcello Gandini: Maestro of Design’, and would make an intriguing static addition to any collection of automotive exotica.

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  • LHD
  • Red
  • Red/Black

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  • Lot #03929
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  • Maranello, Italy


  • MarPur

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