1984 Land Rover 110 – Camel Trophy

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  • This Land Rover 110 is a rugged all-terrain vehicle, originally used in the 1984 Camel Trophy before being returned to road specification and then modified back to its original 1984 configuration. 
  • It is powered by a naturally aspirated 2.25-litre inline-four, driving all four wheels through a five-speed manual transmission. 
  • This 110 reportedly underwent a nut-and-bolt restoration over a seven-year period from January 2001 onwards, which included rebuilding the engine and fitting a new galvanised chassis and bulkhead.  
  • It has only covered 5,389 kilometres since the completion of the restoration.


  • The Camel Trophy was an annual off-road expedition which took place between 1980 and 2000 and used a range of Land Rover vehicles. 
  • This Land Rover 110 left the production line on 16 December 1983 before being sent to the firm’s Special Installations Department (now Special Vehicle Operations) to be outfitted with Camel Trophy equipment. 
  • It then took part in the 1984 Camel Trophy, which took place in Brazil and consisted solely of Land Rover 110 models. This particular 110 also crossed the Amazon basin during the 1984 event.
  • The original plan was to scrap the vehicle upon its arrival back into the UK following the event, and it was sent to Universal Salvage where it was purchased alongside two other event vehicles: A131 FRB and A133 FRB.
  • The three vehicles were all then registered having been converted to right-hand-drive, resprayed in blue, and finished with ‘County’ decals. 
  • This example passed through several owners before eventually being purchased by a journalist, who wrote several articles in Land Rover World magazine and is understood to have noticed the car’s distinctive Sandglow Yellow paintwork under its later blue finish, correctly suspecting that it was an original Camel Trophy vehicle. 
  • It was then purchased in May 2001 by an agricultural engineer, who reportedly carried out a seven-year nut-and-bolt restoration which included fitting a new galvanised chassis and a galvanised bulkhead as well as rebuilding the engine.
  • The restoration was finished in June 2008, when the car was displayed at Eastnor Castle as part of Land Rover’s 60th anniversary celebrations. It subsequently won ‘Best Defender’ at the event, although it is technically a 110 and not a Defender. 
  • It has since attended various Camel Trophy meets, shows, and magazine shoots, and featured as the cover car in the September 2008 edition of Land Rover Owner International magazine. 
  • It is now finished in its original shade of Sandglow Yellow with ‘Camel Trophy’ decals over a County Brown cloth-trimmed cabin. 
  • It rides on a set of body-coloured 16-inch wheels, fitted with Michelin tyres. 
  • Equipment includes a front winch, a bonnet-mounted spare wheel, a bull bar, various auxiliary spotlights and driving lights, a full-length roof rack and rear ladder, jerry cans, sand ladders, and light guards. 
  • The cabin is fitted with four auxiliary switches and a communication radio. 
  • A set of ‘bog cogs’ is also included.
  • Accompanying the sale is a raft of paperwork including historic V5 registration documents, email copies of parts acquired, Land Rover factory paperwork with equipment fitted by the Special Installations Department, magazines the vehicle has featured in, a photo album of the restoration, show award certificates, various Camel Trophy memorabilia (including bag, stopwatch, stickers, and flags), five spare wheels with new Michelin tyres, a set of Fairey ground anchors, chocks, and a spare winch motor. 


  • A new galvanised chassis and bulkhead were fitted as part of the restoration, during which time the bodywork was resprayed. 
  • Please refer to the photo gallery to assess the exterior and interior condition. 
  • Specific notes from the seller include: a small rip in one of the rear seats, a stain on the front centre seat, and minor scuffs and marks on the door cards. 
  • The vehicle was fitted with a new speedometer and odometer during its restoration, and the original speedometer reportedly shows a figure of approximately 83,000 miles. 
  • The most recent MOT test was conducted on 9 August 2023 at an indicated 4,646 kilometres (incorrectly recorded as miles), resulting in a clean first-time pass. 


  • The most recent maintenance was performed in December 2021 at an indicated 4,500 kilometres, when Disrupt and Defend replaced the fuel filters. 


The Camel Trophy was a famously gruelling off-road expedition held between 1980 and 2000, and saw a variety of Land Rover models visit some of the most inhospitable terrains across the globe. This Land Rover 110 boasts a fascinating history having been employed in the 1984 expedition to Brazil before narrowly avoiding being scrapped upon its return to the UK, and was later modified back to its original 1984 Camel Trophy specification in an exacting nut-and-bolt rebuild. Having covered just 5,389 kilometres since the work was completed, it would make a fantastic addition to a collection of all-terrain vehicles, and deserves to be put to use once again as an exceptionally capable overland exploration vehicle on a fresh set of adventures. 

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Car Overview

  • 5,389 Km (Since Restoration)
  • manual
  • RHD
  • Sandglow Yellow
  • County Brown
  • 2.2L

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Lot Overview

  • Lot #28093
  • private Sale
  • Spofforth, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom


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