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This Ferrari 512 BB is a cherished example of the marque’s flagship supercar of the late 1970s, offered from 26-year ownership, during which it has been driven and enjoyed as intended. Under the rear clam shell is a thunderous 4.9-litre flat-12 engine, driving the rear wheels through a five-speed manual transmission. The odometer currently shows 40,700 km (25,290 miles), though the accurate mileage from new is believed to be 55,215 miles due to a speedometer replacement in 1994.

First registered in September 1978, chassis 24927 was supplied new via main dealer H.R. Owen, and the original factory specification was Rosso Chiaro with an interior of black Connolly leather. There are just five previous registered keepers on the log book, and it was acquired by the current owner in 1994, who is a long-term Ferrari Owners’ Club member.

When delivered to its first owner, Dr P.J. Taylor, the car’s original registration was XYM 55T. In April 1983, it was acquired by Mr R Battistini, and during his ownership it remained in the original factory specification. It was also during his ownership that the registration was changed to 163 COR, which it still wears today. After a minor accident in the late 1980s that damaged the front clamshell, the car was sold on to his mechanic. The vendor reports there is no evidence of this damage today, however. At some point between 1987 and 1994, the interior was changed to the current beige hue with red accents, and the bodywork was repainted in full Rosso Corsa.

Today, its bodywork and paint are described as being in generally good condition. Having been completely repainted shortly before the current owner acquired the car, it has received various portions of fresh paint since then, and notably had some extensive body repairs carried out in May 2009, to the rear section, doors, sill panels, and front and rear bumpers.

The front lip spoiler has been damaged by a protruding speed bump, so would benefit from repair, and there are some minor chips in the finish around the rest of the body as you would expect from a car that has been enjoyed. All of the light lenses are intact, and even the Vitaloni Californian wing mirrors are the period-correct items. Its 15-inch wheels are original but would benefit from refurbishment, as would the knock-off spinners.

Inside, the beige leather presents well given that it is now around 40 years old. There is some surface cracking in the leather, and more noticeable wear on the driver’s seat outer bolster, but no significant damage or rips in the material. A harness bar was installed during the current ownership, and was trimmed to match the rest of the cabin. It is fitted with four-point Sabelt safety harnesses, along with the original black seat belts. A few of the trim panels are slightly loose, so would benefit from being reattached securely, and the mounting around the passenger electric window switch is damaged.

Overall, the interior still looks smart for a car of this age, with the red seat stripes and piping complementing the body colour, along with the full set of red carpets. Ahead of the driver is a three-spoke Nardi steering wheel, while the rev counter has been rotated counter-clockwise by 90 degrees to improve visibility of the redline. While air-conditioning is installed, it requires recommissioning. The current odometer indicates 40,700 km (25,290 miles), and this is the mileage covered during the owner’s tenure. It was swapped for a miles-per-hour unit, which remains with the car, and which reads 29,925 miles - hence the total mileage of 55,215 miles.

The last scheduled maintenance was carried out in September 2020 by Ferrari specialist Migliore Cars, which comprised a full service and cambelt replacement, as well as some minor maintenance with a few new pipes and hoses. Prior to this, it received some attention to the bodywork and starter motor in May 2018, a refurbishment of the brakes in August 2016, and renewal of the shock absorbers in May 2015.

Between February 2011 and August 2012, the engine was rebuilt and fettled by specialists QV London and DK Engineering. The latter, at an indicated 36,151 km, included various new bearings and seals, renewal of the cam cover gaskets, adjustment of the valve clearances, and an overhaul of the starter motor and carburettors. New Avon tyres were also fitted at the same time. The total cost of the work over this 18-month period came to around £27,500.

DK Engineering were also responsible for various other mechanical work between 2008 and 2009, upgrading the front and rear springs and shock absorbers, with new bushes throughout, as well as a full geometry calibration. The front brakes also received an AP Racing conversion, and extensive rewiring was carried out with repairs to the fuse boards and relay board. Its radiator was overhauled, along with new hoses, and the exhaust manifolds were all replaced. In June 2008, the transmission was stripped and overhauled, and new inner and outer front wheel bearings were installed.

Its last MOT test was carried out on 25 November 2019 at an indicated 40,393 km, when it achieved a clean pass with no advisories. The tyres are the Avon CR6 items fitted in 2012, which have only covered some 4,500 km since then, and still have a good level of tread remaining.

Accompanying the car is the original owner’s handbook, stamped warranty and maintenance record, and 1978 dealer directory. The owner has retained all of the service history from 1994 onwards, and has also kept a log of all major work carried out during his 26-year ownership, which comes to just shy of £97,000. Also present is an original car jack and lead hammer, and a tool kit bag.

This Ferrari 512 BB is a very rare classic supercar, as one of just 101 right-hand drive examples built, and is offered directly from its enthusiast owner of 26 years. It is not a concours contender, but is a presentable and usable example of a 1970s performance icon, which is still fresh from a full cambelt service earlier this year. This car is a great basis for some sympathetic refurbishment, but is ready to drive and enjoy.

Please note: As part of the handover to the next owner, the vendor plans to refit the original miles-per-hour speedometer back into the car, and furthermore plans to retain the kilometres-per-hour speedometer with the odometer reading for his ownership as a memento of his time with the car. He will provide a written statement confirming the full mileage during his ownership, and photo evidence of the second speedometer after removal, in order to preserve the car’s documented mileage history for the next owner.

Summary of main service history:

  • 28/09/1978 - ~600 miles
  • 24/01/1979 - ~1,000 miles
  • 30/04/1979 - ~2,000 miles
  • 19/09/1979 - ~6,000 miles
  • Undated c.1980/81 - ~10,000 miles
  • 17/10/1983 - 19,352 miles
  • 16/11/1984 - 22,652 miles
  • 25/01/1990 - 25,998 miles
  • 11/07/1994 - 29,925 miles
  • 02/06/1997 - ~12,000 km (inc. cambelts)
  • 23/07/2001 - 17,061 km (inc. cambelts)
  • 15/09/2006 - ~23,000 km (inc. cambelts)
  • 07/2008 - 09/2009 - Overhaul at DK Engineering
  • 11/2011 - 08/2012 - Engine rebuild
  • 15/05/2016 - ~37,082 km (shock absorbers)
  • 19/08/2016 - ~39,650 km (full service and attention to brakes)
  • 28/05/2018 - ~39,800 km (attention to bodywork and starter motor)
  • 15/09/2020 - 40,700 km (inc. cambelts)

The description of this auction lot is, to the best of the seller's knowledge, accurate and not misleading. Collecting Cars requests a range of detail about the lot from the seller, and performs a level of due diligence through HPI checks and MOT history. However, bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description, and conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to a bid. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

All UK-registered cars and motorbikes on Collecting Cars are run through an online HPI check. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.


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£93,500Absentee bid from GrahamGHarrison

£93,000Bid placed by Raffles


@christoph. Thank you for clarifying.


A full breakdown of the service history has been added to the description and the owner has advised that this is verifiable with corresponding invoices.

£91,000Bid placed by ZACK

£90,000Bid placed by Caraholic

£88,000Bid placed by Raffles

£86,000Bid placed by I


To confirm the answer to an earlier question: as stated at end of the description, this car has been put through an online HPI check and there are no insurance database 'Category' markers.

£85,000Bid placed by Raffles

£83,000Bid placed by Caraholic


Hallo Camh, The bodywork you asked about was body repairs to rear section, doors, sill panels, f/r bumpers with welding in some small panel sections. It was the kind of maintanence / tiding up any well maintained car by then 30 years old would have wanted.
Btw, did we mention that she was garaged all the time and used practically only in nice weather for family/club events. So not really exposed to winter elements or salty roads etc.

£81,000Bid placed by I

£80,000Bid placed by Raffles

£76,000Bid placed by I


@christoph. Excellent thank you for the quick and thorough response.
Could you elaborate on the bodywork „to stop some smaller things to spread any further.“ Also can you confirm whether paint is bubbling on the rear window sill or is it simply just the paint chipping from the engine lid impacting the frame?

Fully agreed on the cosmetics - this is a driver that can be driven without worry.
The condition of the interior isn‘t really a priority (for me) - I didn‘t feel that anything was amiss so did not see a need to comment on it.

Your speedo explanation makes a lot of sense. The German side in me will never really grow accustomed to the mph speedometer on my car but I‘ve grudgingly accepted it. Sorry, I might have been a bit negligent with my comment about a speedo swap impacting value but in instances where the speedo has bit the dust (with long hood 911s at least), I‘ve noticed that they (as long as the mileage is low) usually clear at a premium. The paperwork on this car might make this a moot point


Hallo Camh

Thanks for the compliment! First question is easy: I am Austrian, grew up there (came here in 83) dreamt of that car, but my dreams had 320 km/h not 200 mph, so I swapped. Why would that impact the value? As stated in the description I will change that speedo back to the original 200mph, which I still have. It shows 29.925 mls, as on the day it was taken out (documented). So the new owner will know that there are an additional app. 40.700 kms (very well documented) on top of this.
Second: the repaint was done before my time, see Collecting Cars for their research on that. All I can say is that DKEnginering didn't suspect anything untidy in their 1994 buyer's inspection (see below), nor in 2008 when we designed and embarked on a 4 year/GB£ 60.000 refurbishment program (for details see documentation/invoices). That included some bodywork, mainly to stop some smaller things to spread any further. Again, even in that thorough excersise there was no hint of something covered up found. As you say, there are now some minor patches which will benefit from attention. But as with the interior, which will take £ 500 or so to look really good, my focus has been on keeping this mechanically and structurally in top shape. Cosmetics are easier to fix! For photos, they were arranged by Collecting Cars, there is no photographic record from the 2008-12 rebuilding jobs, so thats all we have for the moment.

£75,000Bid placed by Raffles


Hi Christoph, lovely car - well presented driver. Realize I‘m a bit late to the party as we have less than 24 hours to go but would you mind elaborating why the odometer was swapped out from mph to kph? I‘m sure there was a reason for it but it struck me as unusual to see it, particularly given the impact a swap has on value. In terms of bodywork, while hard to tell, usually paint meter readings will clarify if there has been any major work / bondo applied to the body. I can see some pretty bad gap alignment on the passenger side (Picture #63, comparing picture 34 and 36 will make it more obvious). Can you shed any more light on the paintwork? Considering this is a 40+ year old car, they‘ve all had adventures at this point but unscrupulous prior owners might have used paintwork to cover up shoddy bodywork and - worse rust / corrosion. Given that there is a fair bit of surface rust on the inside of the body (Picture #168), it begs the question, as other bidders have asked, what the underbody looks like. To the extent the seller can provide pictures (again, I realize this is in short order), would be immensely helpful in assuaging concerns. There also seems to be some paint bubbling below the rear window frame (picture #161) - might be paint chipping but it‘s hard to tell from the pictures. Lastly, overall paintwork seems be OK (Picture #62 showing swirls), always hard to tell from pictures but as the description has said, it‘s not a concourse car. Clearly, you‘ve been an excellent steward for the car‘s last 26 years. I do scratch my head why the owner before you decided to swap the color to beige...

For those below asking, rotating the rpm gauge isn’t uncommon, especially for higher rev cars - easier to keep track of the redline. It’s an easy fix as seller has mentioned.

£73,000Bid placed by 2manycars


Part 3, Hallo Java: I have no idea about this "minor accident". Prior to buying the car she was transported to DKEngeneering who did buyer,s inspection for me. They drew up a list of several point, which they put right at a cost of 13 k of 1994£s (all in the docs). They mention no trace of an accident, let alone any structural damage. I was/am also unaware of any DVLA or insurance listings. If your question is if this car was at any point a write off, my answer is no. But this part of the story was unearthed by Collecting Cars's research, so may I direct any further questions regarding this to them?

Happy to answer any other questions, this way or via phone. Good evening ch


Part 2, hallo rdbrooksie: Rev counter is turned as I want to see the range 3-5.500 rpm clearly, which given my legs and hands is not the case in normal position. Can be put back with a screwdriver even by myself. Your other questions see below


Good evening gentlemen, after a long day, let me answer in one mail shot, starting with the earliest enquiry:
@ jcee: -the condition of the underside is in line with the rest of the car; apart from age related wear, there is no corrosion or any structural decay in that car.
- there is no work needed now or in the foreseeable future other than regular maintenance. If you look at the service files in detail you can see that I have spared no expense to correct any mechanical or structural decay immediately. Over the last ten years practically every mechanical part had a lot of attention (see engine rebuild, brakes,
gearbox, electrics bodywork, suspension) Any aeging parts were replaced when detected. During the last egine/cambelt service (Sep 2020) a couple of hoses and one cooling water pipe were duly replaced. Everything works short of the aircon.
- I have been to Ferrari Owners Club events for years, including some track days. To put that into perspective: FOC track days are pretty docile affairs (unless you are part of the top group with the big boys and there track cars). It's trying to drive a bit quicker than on public roads, finding a good line and being consistently tidy on that line. It is not putting any stress one the car. Timing is actually forbidden, so no timed event or any competitions


Apologies for that duplication in questions should have scrolled down.


After the "minor accident" that occurred in the late eighties' , did this lead to a Category (damaged) listing with the DVLA or insurer? Thank you.


Do you have any under belly photos?
With the rev counter at a different angle, is there any reason for this? Has the car been tracked hence why?


Can you give some detail to the condition of the underside and levels of corrosion?
Is there any work required now or in the foreseeable future for regular use?
Have you used the car on track or in any timed event?

£72,000Bid placed by ZACK

£70,000Bid placed by rdbrooksie

£68,000Bid placed by H1

£67,500Bid placed by Bradpit2020

£67,000Bid placed by rdbrooksie

£66,500Absentee bid from Alex_martin

£66,000Bid placed by rdbrooksie


Good morning Giles,

The car is in Central London.
Please refer any enquiery to Collecting Cars



Hi Christoph,

Can you remind me which auction site was the car recently listed on?

Where is the car available to inspect?




Good evening, JLLoyd
viewing in principal yes, please arrange via collecting cars.
Harness partly as the 1970's seats/belts provide practically no lateral support (less than our old VW Golf) and partly because I thought it looked cool; same reason why I fitted a starter button.

£65,500Absentee bid from Alex_martin

£65,000Absentee bid from GilesAMorse


Hi, is it possible to view the car and for what reason was the harness fitted.

£60,500Absentee bid from GilesAMorse

£60,000Bid placed by Larryl

£55,500Absentee bid from GilesAMorse

£55,000Bid placed by Larryl

£54,500Absentee bid from GilesAMorse

£54,000Bid placed by Paul W

£50,000Bid placed by Larryl

£20,250Absentee bid from SD46

£20,000Absentee bid from Ollie_Whittley

£15,750Absentee bid from Ollie_Whittley

£15,500Absentee bid from SD46

£12,250Absentee bid from Ollie_Whittley

£12,000Absentee bid from SD46

£100Bid placed by Ollie_Whittley

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