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Announced in 1956, the Volvo Amazon range helped establish the marque internationally. The series was a pioneer in road safety, being the first vehicle to offer front seatbelts as a range-wide standard feature, and later, three-point seatbelts. You won’t find regular seatbelts in this car, however. Instead, this 123 GT has racing harnesses to pin you and your navigator into its Sparco fixed-back racing bucket seats, and power is supplied from a 2.4-litre four-cylinder engine mated to a manual gearbox. The odometer currently indicates 72,147 miles.

This rally specification Volvo 123 GT was lovingly put together in 2014 from the ground up, to provide low-cost thrills with safety and reliability in mind, but still preserving a sense of originality. It features a full complement of instrumentation, a fire suppression system, roll cage, racing fuel system, and numerous other additions and modifications to make it an exciting contender in tarmac rally events.

The body, trim and interior are all in reasonable shape, but there are signs of minor battle scars in the way of stone chips and minor imperfections. All exterior trims are in good condition. The glazing and lights present well overall, however the windscreen does have some minor damage. Inspections at the time of the rebuild indicated that no damage appears to have been incurred over its lifespan. Panel gaps and fitment are certainly respectable for a car of this age, and the red paintwork is in fair order.

The interior trim has mostly been replaced, and what is there is in good condition for its age and history. Only the headlining and door trims are believed to be original, with marine-grade carpeting having replaced the original material. All gauges and instruments are in working condition, with no faults or warning lights triggered. The standard gear lever has been replaced with an aftermarket shifter, and a Sparco steering wheel has also been fitted. Combined with power steering, it gives the driver more precise control, all the while appreciating the fine handling that a well-sorted lightweight chassis like this provides.

Under the bonnet, the engine bay is well presented, with some of the original patina still visible. Look closely and you will see the braided lines for various systems, and the neatly plumbed lines for the Fogmaker fire suppression system. Head to the back of the car, and you will see the same attention to detail has gone into the fuel system. There is still room in there for the spare wheel too.

The car has a retro-mod appearance, sitting atop Volvo 242 GT wheels. The racing tyres are approximately five years old, so may benefit from replacement prior to being driven in anger again. There are also spare 242 GT wheels, allowing for other compounds to be utilised quickly at an event, if and when required.

It was last inspected in July 2020, with only the windscreen blemishes drawing attention. Included with the sale are a CAMS logbook, and various documentation pertaining to the engine build and overall race preparation, along with multiple keys and some spare parts.

This Volvo 123 GT Amazon is a classic coupe that has received an extensive transformation to a motorsport specification. For anyone wanting to get into historic tarmac rally events, this well-sorted Swede provides a magnificent entry-level platform to do so.

Build specification:

  • STILO intercom
  • RALLY SAFE Antennas and wiring
  • MONIT Navigation trip meter
  • SPARCO Seats inc. leg adjuster
  • SPARCO six-point seatbelts
  • SPARCO Steering wheel (El power steering)
  • SPARCO Pedals

  • BOND Roll cage & and 2 Roof vents
  • FUELSAFE 80l tank with safety bladder and foam dual filter system
  • Electric Pierburg fuel pump
  • SAFETY Steering Column split joint
  • MCA Rally shocks front-rear remote canister two-way adjustable comp and rebound, high and low speed compression
  • BRAKES Split dual brake system with adjustable balance bar. Disc brake front and rear - 164 type vented front disc and race
  • modified callipers
  • Lowered ride height and upgraded springs and sway bars
  • FRONT & REAR axle assemblies of 140 model
  • Front axle modified for negative camber and minimum bump steer and reinforced
  • Rear axle modified for toe in and negative camber - also has a LSD
  • All new wear parts; bushes, universal joints, track rod ends

  • VOLPRO Performance engine, all build documents available
  • OER Twin carbs (Japanese Weber model)
  • 123 programable distributor
  • oil cooler, remote oil filter
  • Electrical radiator fan
  • VDO instruments & speedo
  • 2.5 inch rally exhaust system and extractors
  • FOGMAKER High pressure water fire extinguisher system in engine bay
  • Car weighs 1130kg, 50/50 front and rear distribution

The description of this auction lot is, to the best of the seller's knowledge, accurate and not misleading. Collecting Cars requests a range of detail about the lot from the seller, and performs a level of due diligence. However, bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description, and conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to a bid. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

This vehicle’s VIN has been checked against the Australian Personal Property Securities Register, and there is no security interest or other registration kind logged against the serial number. This vehicle has been checked through the Austroads NEVDIS system, and there are no markers under the written-off or stolen databases.

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