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This Ford Mustang GT Fastback is a superbly presented example of a true American icon, with a desirable factory specification as well as some recent mechanical upgrades. Under the bonnet is a 390ci (6.4-litre) naturally aspirated V8, which would have produced around 329hp in stock form, coupled to a contemporary five-speed Tremec TKO Mustang transmission.

A genuine 1967 GT Fastback, the VIN confirms that this Mustang left the Metuchen, New Jersey factory equipped with the optional 390ci V8. The specification is also verified by a report from Marti Auto Works, a licensee to Ford’s entire production database for 1967-2017 model year cars.

The car is understood to have been imported to the UK in 2014, where it was subsequently re-registered on 1 August that year to the previous owner.

As part of an extensive refurbishment and upgrade programme, this Mustang’s engine was previously rebuilt and blueprinted, fitted with Edelbrock alloy cylinder heads, and long-tube exhaust manifolds. There is also an upgraded large alloy radiator, a steering rack conversion, and replacement 16-inch alloys from Vintage Wheel Works.

As well as the modern gearbox, it is also equipped with a Detroit Locker differential. The suspension has been upgraded with Koni shock absorbers on all four corners, Global West front arms, an aftermarket rear anti-roll bar, and anti-tramp bars. There are also stainless steel brake pipes, Vintage-Air air-conditioning, a Grant steering wheel, and a Hurst gear shifter. The audio system has been modernised with a Phase Linear amplifier, Infinity speakers, and a 10-disc CD changer.

The bodywork and Moss Green paint present in excellent condition today, having evidently been restored in the not too distant past. The vendor reports a small dent in the boot lid, two much smaller ‘pin’ dents in the rear panel, and a very slight blemish to the lacquer on the offside front wing that is almost imperceptible. Otherwise, the vibrant green hue is clearly superb, with a deep and glossy shine around the whole car. All of the chromework is also in great shape, lending the car a period-correct 1960s aesthetic despite the largely unseen upgrades.

Inside, the upholstery is in superb order, with the black vinyl having previously been re-trimmed in the correct style. The dashboard and centre console look original, and are in good condition, and there are only minor scuffs and marks around some of the secondary trim panels. There is some age-related discolouration around the metal elements, but overall this Mustang’s cabin presents very well.

Its last scheduled maintenance was in July 2018 at an indicated 19,057 miles, when Kent Car Craft carried out an oil service, renewed the fuel filter and fitted a Holley fuel pump, and installed new performance ignition leads. Some brake hoses were also replaced.

In July 2016, it had a more substantial service, with renewal of the rocker cover gaskets, a replacement clutch, cleaning of the engine breathers, new brake fluid, and a lubrication service for the suspension. The sump was replaced in December 2015, along with installation of an aftermarket steering rack, and a full geometry check and setup. The vendor reports that there is an intermittent squeak from the rear suspension, but otherwise the car is running and driving very well indeed.

While it is exempt from mandatory testing on the basis of age, the Mustang’s last MOT was on 13 July 2020 at an indicated 19,886 miles, when it achieved a first-time pass with no advisories or defects noted. The matching Continental SportContact tyres are all in virtually as-new condition.

Accompanying the car is a service book and even the original warranty paperwork, as well as a good history file of old invoices and receipts for maintenance and upgrades.

This Ford Mustang GT 390 Fastback is a handsome American classic, presented in genuinely superb condition following a prior restoration and upgrade programme. Equipped with the 390ci engine and manual transmission, this coupe boasts very strong performance, and is a delight to drive on the road. It would make a fine addition to any collection of classics, and is an unmissable opportunity for anyone who has been seeking a particularly well-sorted Mustang.

The description of this auction lot is, to the best of the seller's knowledge, accurate and not misleading. Collecting Cars requests a range of detail about the lot from the seller, and performs a level of due diligence. However, bidders must satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the description, and conduct any research they feel is necessary before committing to a bid. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

All UK-registered cars and motorbikes on Collecting Cars are run through an online HPI check. This vehicle shows no insurance database markers for damage or theft, and has no finance owing.


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£42,500Bid placed by Laurence


Hi Owen_Forrest, any update on a few of the questions asked below?

£37,750Absentee bid from Tonydhughes50


Thanks for your question.
I don’t have any paperwork for her time in the U.S. unfortunately. The previous owner stated this when i bought her. It appears that oftentimes historical paperwork for American cars can get lost in transit / import. There may be a way to trace it but i have never pursued it.
Purely from a personal perspective, the car is in very good condition for her age. The is a slight (very slight) imperfection in the laquer on the top of the passenger fender. As described, she has a small dent in an otherwise immaculate trunk lid which catches my eye. I purposefully have not attended to it as i didn’t want a mismatch of colour on the bodywork or for it to appear to ‘hide’ anything.
Mechanically (and owning a number of American Musclecars) i would not expect more performance from her. She has an Edelbrock carb, Edelbrock alloy cylinder heads, an electric fuel pump system and everything else is pretty much new (suspension, brakes, tyres etc). U less i planned to use her for racing i personally would do nothing more. When she is cold, there is a small squeak that is audible from the rear suspension somewhere, this diminishes after a bit of driving, with everything new i don’t expect there to be a problem with it. The transmission shifts very nicely, the brakes also appear to be uprated (i have some paperwork for this also).
There is a high quality car cover for her and one or two items to go with the car if she sells.


Hi Owen. Thanks for the clear description of the car and the pictures. There is mention in the text of a history file, but can you be more specific, if able, about what documentation there is for the cars US life and particularly regarding refurbishment (bodywork) and engine?

Secondly, the description quite understandably points out the cars strengths. Can you tell me what you think are weaknesses, or perhaps areas that, money no object, you might have refreshed, refurbed, upgraded etc - based on your use and knowledge of the car.

Thanks in advance.

£37,500Bid placed by Little_acorn

£33,250Absentee bid from Tonydhughes50

£33,000Bid placed by Dave_Barnes

£32,501Absentee bid from Tonydhughes50

£32,251Bid placed by Squirejo

£31,250Absentee bid from Tonydhughes50

£31,000Bid placed by Squirejo

£28,250Absentee bid from Tonydhughes50

£28,000Bid placed by Squirejo


@JJJ i shall check, no doubt it’s likely to be insignificant but i will report back.
- The paperwork is at my storage facility, i’ll check the engine details.
- The transmission is a modern, stronger Tremec TKO 600 5 Speed
- I will check the AC works, i have paperwork for a regas within the last couple of years.
- The general condition really is very good. She exhibits a small pin dent in the trunk lid as described and two very much smaller dents (if they can be described as that) in the rear panel. I am not aware of any significant accident damage. And the frame (lower firewall and ofher common areas) are rust free.
- I believa large portion of the restoration took place in the U.S. to a good standard, all expenses in the UK have paperwork coinciding.


Hi there
Could you please confirm what the hanging wire is by the pedals (shown on the interior shots).


Thanks for that . Am I correct in saying a marti report doesn’t list the exact engine numbers ? Is the gearbox a 4 or 5 speed ? Is it a Tremec ? Does the air on work ? What is the general condition of the underside rot wise ? Do you think the car has ever had any accident damage . And finally do you know who restored it / when was it done ? Thankyou

£26,750Absentee bid from Tonydhughes50

£26,500Bid placed by Tommo123

£25,000Absentee bid from Tonydhughes50

£25,000Bid placed by Tommo123


@Dave123, i have a Marti Report confirming your questions, and that all is correct. The engine, interior colour and body colour are all original.

£23,250Absentee bid from Tonydhughes50

£23,000Bid placed by Philmat

£22,000Bid placed by manuel008


Hi, was the car originally moss green /black interior/ manual ? Does it have its original engine / correct date coded block? Any chance of some pics of the underside ? Many thanks

£20,000Bid placed by Tonydhughes50

£4,350Absentee bid from 9JF

£4,250Bid placed by Rob_J

£3,600Absentee bid from 9JF

£3,500Bid placed by Rob_J

£100Bid placed by 9JF

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