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2020-07-02 19:20:12

This Ford Cortina Super is a remarkable example of the Mk2 model, which was in single private ownership from 1967 through to 2020, and has covered just 6,210 miles from new. Its engine is the 1.5-litre ‘Kent’ inline-four petrol motor, producing around 60bhp, driving the rear wheels through a three-speed automatic transmission.

The story behind the car is that it was purchased to replace a Ford Corsair Estate as part of a separation agreement. The original purchase paperwork remains with the car, and shows a price of £965 - or around £18,000 in today’s money. It was first registered to its first owner in Huddersfield on 2 January 1967, and was subsequently driven for around two years, covering some 6,210 miles in that time.

Thereafter, the car was stored securely in a dry garage, undisturbed for the next five decades. The seller heard about the car through the grapevine, saw it was as well-preserved as he had hoped, and purchased the car from the first owner’s estate approximately one month ago. As he is predominantly a collector of 1980s and 1990s modern classics, he is offering the car for sale having conducted a basic inspection, and documenting its condition thoroughly in the photos below.

As you would expect, its bodywork remains in excellent condition. The metal is straight and solid, and almost entirely corrosion-free. As the photos show, there are some very small spots of surface oxidisation, notably around the wheel arches where paint has chipped, and under the rear bumper. However, the car is astonishingly original throughout, with the factory finish present all around the body.

The headlight lenses, chrome bumpers, and other body trims are in great shape, and naturally it wears the original white-on-black registration plates with raised lettering. The window seals and door rubbers are original, but still appear to be in perfectly serviceable condition. Its 13-inch wheels retain their factory-fitted trims and hubcaps, and there is a full-size spare in the boot.

In the cabin, the black vinyl is in superb order, with no rips, holes, or other damage to the upholstery. It would benefit from a thorough clean to remove dust and small spots of surface mould, but would undoubtedly look as good as new after this. All of the buttons and switchgear are original, including the thin-rimmed steering wheel, and it has a wonderfully minimalist 1960s style. The rear bench is in equally good condition, and the headlining is in great shape with no sagging or damage.

The car is last believed to have been serviced in 1969, and there is a maintenance reminder sticker in the engine bay saying that the oil is next due to be changed at 10,407 miles - which indicates that the odometer reading at that service was 5,407 miles. As the car has stood for the best part of 50 years, it will need a full mechanical recommissioning. However, the seller has put some light oil down the bores and spun the engine over to confirm it is not seized. Likewise, the brakes are not binding, so the car is moving freely on its wheels and tyres. The only fault noted is a small hole in the fuel tank, which could be easily repaired.

Given that the car was only in use for around two years, it has never had an MOT test. While the car is now exempt on the basis of age, it would of course be recommended to get the ‘all clear’ once the car has been recommissioned. The wheels are shod in the factory-fitted cross-ply tyres.

Accompanying the car is the original Cortina owner’s manual, as well as the original purchase agreement. The green buff log book issued in 1967 also remains with the car. As its registration pre-dates the modernisation of the DVLA system, this car does not show up on the usual vehicle checks on Government or third party websites such as CAP HPI. It is understood that the buff log book will need to be handed in to the DVLA in order to be replaced with a modern style V5C. Ownership will therefore be transferred on a bill of sale.

This Ford Cortina 1500 Super is a wonderful 1960s classic, which has been incredibly well preserved since it was parked up in 1969. It is extremely unlikely that there is another example existent with such low mileage, in such original condition, and with single ownership provenance stretching over more than 50 years. This is a remarkable ‘garage find’, and represents an unmissable opportunity for any classic Ford fan.

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