The Viper engine is one of the most long-serving jet engines made in the UK. Initially manufactured by Armstrong Siddeley, it was then built by its successor companies Bristol Siddeley (from 1959) and under Rolls-Royce Limited from 1966. Having entered service in 1953, later developments of the Viper were reportedly still in use in 2011 powering some of the RAF’s British Aerospace 125 Series 600 training aircraft.

This lot is a working Bristol Siddeley Viper turbojet engine, built in December 1961, and in this guise it is believed to have powered the Jet Provost T3 trainer. Not to be confused with decommissioned or salvaged turbojet engines that are only good as static display pieces, this is a fully functional Viper, which also has an afterburner fitted - the only rig-mounted engine that the seller is aware of as having this reheating element installed.

Mounted on a bespoke rig and fixed to a road-legal trailer - with brakes, tailboard and working electrical hook-up - this demonstration Bristol Siddeley Viper turbojet has been rebuilt and set up by a qualified avionics engineer, and it also comes with detailed instructions about starting and running the turbojet.

Flight Engineering in Leeds built the mobile test rig, and also added kerosene (paraffin) fuel tanks, batteries and control links to a central operating box including a throttle control, allowing the engine to be started and run. The retrofitted afterburner is said to be able to send 10-foot flames out of the back.

Simply as a piece of engineering to behold, the Viper engine is an impressive object; but given its fully functioning status, this demonstration example would make an unusual and eye-catching addition to any collection of machines, and is ready to be fired up to create a crowd-pleasing attraction at shows or other events.

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