Classified Nissan R34 Skyline GTR


You have chosen to list your car in Classifieds, by Collecting Cars. We want to help you perfect your listing to make it stand out to potential buyers on our platform. Our Classifieds section is not like others you might have seen. We only allow private sellers to submit a listing and they must prove ownership of the car to be considered. The best presentation, the best stories, the best photography, and only genuine sellers. Below you will find the necessary steps to submit your listing.

Photo Guide

Listings will feature up to 30 photos to display the car or bike to the best possible standard. We recommend using a DSLR or contact our team to arrange a professional photographer (costing around £175 or equivalent) to really make your listing stand out.

If the photography of your listing at the point of submission is not up to standard then our team will suggest you make contact with a professional or risk having the car rejected. It is best to ensure the car is clean and any blemishes are fixed before listing to attract the most interest.

Exterior (10 images) Cover as many angles of the exterior as you can and be sure to capture a hero image that can lead your listing. This is typically a front 3/4 shot of the car or bike.

Exterior Photo Gallery

Interior (10 images) Show interested parties all the seats and any relevant switch gear. Ensure you have shown the steering wheel and any scuffs or marks.

Interior Photo Gallery

Mechanical (5 images) This is your chance to showcase the engine and any other mechanically relevant parts of the car or bike. This might include some underside photos, the exhaust system, underneath the carpets in the boot, suspension parts etc.

Mechanical Photo Gallery

Documents (5 images) Service history and paperwork are very important for potential buyers to cover off. Ensure you have proven your car has history accompanying it so buyers can get confidence to send you an enquiry to buy your listing. Make sure to cover up any personal information like your name, address, contact details if you do not want them made public.

Documents Photo Gallery

Additional Video Our team welcome you to send in any videos that can be added to your Classifieds listing. This might include a recording of the car starting up and also a walk-around of the car to show off the condition/paint in better detail.

Description Guide

Main Description In this section we would like you to cover a general overview of the car or bike you are selling. Give some context to your ownership (e.g. when and why you bought it) and outline any special features the car has which make it stand out. Here would also be a good place to include the factory specification and any service intervals that a potential buyer might want to see.

The Best Points What do you like the most about it? What special feature or quirk to this model made you buy it? This section of the description should make an interested party aware why your car is so special.

Known Faults or Damage Are there any parts that are not original? Is there any known damage or problems that a potential new owner should be aware of? Our listings are all about transparency, the more you say, the more confidence someone will have in making you an offer.

This Car's Story This section of the description is your opportunity to add some personality. Perhaps recount your favourite memory when using the car or a funny story from a journey in it. The best stories will be shared across our various marketing channels which will help attract more eyeballs to your Classifieds listing.