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Coming back from the festive period, the first week of January is going to be a busy one for bidders on the platform! We have over 185 auctions ending with cars in 14 different countries. It is time to freshen up your garage in 2022!

Our Biggest Week Of Auctions Coming Up! - Lots

The prolonged auctions will end from Sunday 2nd January until Friday 7th January. Be sure to double check when the auctions you are watching are set to end and mark your calendar.

To avoid any complications at the end of the auction here are some top tips:

Bid early to make sure your account is fully set up and your credit card is fully working.

Read the description and review all the photos ahead of time so you are happy with thepresentation.

Set a reminder in your calendar so you don't forget about the end time of the auction.

For customers who choose to there is the option to set a 'Max Bid' which is where you set your limit you are comfortable bidding to on the auction and the system will automatically take it there for you, by the minimum increment, should any other user get involved in the bidding.

Below you will find a quick guide as to when the auctions will be ending if the car is listed from that region/country. If you have any questions then our inbox is always open, just click here and let us know.

Our Biggest Week Of Auctions Coming Up! - Auction Times

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