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Coming soon to Collecting Cars is a new auction event centred around the ultimate way of selling your car or bike: No Reserve Sunday.

In a 7-day auction, all bidders are verified and committed, and with targeted promotion to our global audience it's a great way to achieve a strong result for your car or bike. If a reserve is set, bidders do not know at what level the car or bike will be sold, but when the reserve is met, the lot is then shown as selling to the highest bidder. Watchers can sometimes wait until the final minutes to step forward and get involved in the bidding, so the car might only be sold in the final minutes.

Starting an auction at ‘No Reserve’ brings a different dynamic, with early high bidding a common sight and with consignments typically attracting higher views, as people know they will miss out if they don’t get involved.

The first ‘No Reserve Sunday’ will take place before the end of the year. There will be enhanced visibility for the auction event, with dedicated promotion to our global audience of more than 120,000 registered members – not to mention more than half a million followers across our social channels.

All cars will be offered at No Reserve from day one, and there will be limited slots available – so don’t delay in contacting us if you have a special car that deserves great exposure and a fast hassle-free sale. Be sure to mention to our consignment specialists that you are interested listing as part of ‘No Reserve Sunday’.

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