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Episode 36 of the Collecting Addicts podcast!

This week with 2 expatriated hosts out of 5, our panel goes over Audi cars in the modern day, cars that have depreciated a lot, car badge typography, cars that do not look as good as they used to, the choice between 993 and 964, a 007 two car garage, driving tunes and some very quick F1 news!


(00:00) Intro
(01:10) Audi
(19:34) High depreciation cars
(38:46) Car Typography
(48:50) Cars that used to look good
(01:03:20) 993 vs 964
(01:05:25) 007 2 car garage
(01:24:38) Driving Tunes
(01:28:23) F1 News


Spotify Driving Tunes playlist available here.

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