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What is your favourite James Bond car chase? Let us know in the comments below! Find out what our panel recount from these iconic films.

We also cover our favourite dashboard designs and the F1 chat from the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. 'Collecting Addicts' is a new format Collecting Cars podcast hosted by Chris Harris, Edward Lovett, Manish Pandey, Neil Clifford & Chris Cooper.

--- Chapters: (00:00) - Introduction (00:25) - James Bond car chases (26:05) - What's your favourite dashboard? (38:00) - PSA about the Volvo T5 Police Car (38:37) - F1 chat (50:30) - 2 car garage conundrum (1:01:00) - Driving tunes

--- Spotify Driving Tunes playlist available here.

James Bond Car Chase 1
James Bond Car Chase 2

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