Porsche 968 Club Sport AH (2)

Combining an iconic silhouette with a rear-engine layout, and with race-proven handling and performance, the Porsche 911 became synonymous with the brand itself – and back in the 1970s a potential departure from this winning recipe was seen by some as a lesser vehicle. One can only imagine the raised eyebrows when Stuttgart management chose to replace the entry-level 912 (essentially a more affordable 911 with a four-cylinder engine) with the 924 in 1976.

A far cry from the 911, it featured a water-cooled front-mounted engine with a rear transaxle, wedge-like styling, and pop-up headlights. It was a radical shift, but one which was ultimately sorely needed to help Porsche balance its books.

Over the next two decades, Porsche continued to build upon the 924’s early success by developing the transaxle 928, 944, and 968 models. While never achieving the same heights as the 911, these stalwarts nonetheless found fans among keen drivers and the motoring press alike.

Developed to appeal to customers looking for a more involving, track-focused sports car, the 968 Club Sport was stripped of most of the model’s comfort features, including its rear seats, airbag, heated washer jets, and electric windows. The amount of sound deadening used was also reduced, and the electrically adjustable Recaro seats were replaced with lightweight buckets. While the Club Sport did without air conditioning or a sunroof as standard, these could be added back in as options.

In total, it’s reported that only 179 examples of the 968 Club Sport were produced for the UK market, making it a particularly rare and sought-after model among enthusiasts. First registered with the DVLA in October 1993, the example featured here was finished in Grand Prix White with colour-coded ‘Cup’ alloy wheels, wore the model’s signature black decals on its flanks, and boasted a suitably ‘no-frills’ specification.

Previously kept by Porsche specialist 911 Sport, who stored the car for around 10 years between 1999 and 2011, this Club Sport had subsequently been treated to a thorough recommissioning service. With only 43,658 miles on the odometer, this particularly well-presented 968 Club Sport attracted keen interest during its seven-day auction and secured a winning bid of £34,814 in September 2020.

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